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How to grow your blog to 200,000 subscribers


Here I am reading an ebook by Leo Babauta (How I got 100,000 Subscribers in Two Years) when I check out this video interview on Social Media Examiner (highly recommended site by the way!) and discover Leo has now DOUBLED that number!

The video is a shade over six minutes long and well worth a look.

In line with his ‘minimalist’ blog, Leo keeps it simple.

He writes “real stuff that I’m going through and I just share stuff that I’ve learned”.

He says:

  • “I’m trying to be as useful as possible”.
  • “I’m still shocked to this day (about the fast growth of is blog)”.

Leo also mentions how important Delicious.com and digg.com were in the early days of Zen Habits … as well as links from other bloggers. He says he hit 26,000 subscribers after the first year – not a bad effort!

You need patience, Leo advises … “but it does happen”.

Don’t focus on the numbers – connection is paramount – “the numbers will come later”.

Sage advice. Enjoy (and be inspired)!

If you can’t get enough Leo, here’s another good video interview with him by Chris Ducker (from the excellent Virtual Business Lifestyle blog/podcast/vodcast).

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