by Zac Ferry

Whether you need more office space or want to pull walls down for a much more collaborative environment, planning an office renovations are a team effort. Hence, careful thinking is the foundation for a smooth renovation of the office. You should follow these steps to avoid design errors and keep your spending plan on the route.

Why Do You Need Office Renovations?

Every business owner must ensure that all employees have a secure workspace that promotes productivity. In recent studies, 90% of workers have said that the design of their offices directly affects how effective they are.

Being Productive

Approximately two-thirds of the survey participants confirmed that working closely with co-workers helps in making them more active and productive.

It’s The Time To Renovate Your Office

If your office hasn’t been renovated since the 1970s or you’ve just been out of the room, remodeling can boost your team’s morale and even increase your building’s resale value.

Steps To Renovate Your Office

  1. Identifying Goals

You can ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is there enough meeting rooms for all necessary meetings?
  • Could the layout of your office be more effective?
  • Are your kitchens and bathrooms big enough for your current staff?
  • Are you faced with security problems, such as trip hazards or too few exits in an emergency?
  • Do your teams want open spaces to work together?
  • Is your workplace open to disabled people?

When you have your targets in mind, you can also ask yourself a few practical questions:

  • Will you have to close the office during refurbishments?
  • Do you have space for contingencies that may arise?
  • Would you need external assistance for the remodeling like a consulting firm?
  • Is your remodeling going to involve new office furniture?
  • When will the refurbishments be completed?
  1. Hiring Research Designers and Contractors

It is the most critical stage in the renovation of your office. Whenever it comes to the team that conducts your renovation, it is necessary to find people who work well together as they have to cooperate during the process. So, who all can get on board:

  • Internal Project Manager
  • Interior and architectural design team
  • Corporate Remodeling Company
  • Reputed Rental Company
  1. Evaluate Your Building

If you have your squad, do not start a renovation until a professional construction inspection is completed to test for asbestos, pipes, molds, and other dangerous materials that might be concealed inside your business organization’s walls. This could take additional time and energy, but it is worth the time and effort to prevent expensive errors later on.

Some More Areas to Evaluate

  • Current electrical, plumbing, and mechanical equipment state.
  • The precision of previous building evaluations (if available).
  1. Designing New Office Space

After the site is evaluated and you’re then updated with the latest building codes and structural restrictions, and thus, it is time to work with the design team. Respond to the intent of your corporate remodeling and write your objectives so that a paper trail is given. Try to be concise and simple. While making room for five additional desks, you need to build a working area for 10 people and spell that out in the terms.

In Conclusion

Not only are office renovations going to give you sufficient space for your employees to work, but it can also promote better business acumen. Having a place that works for your community or an increasing number of employees will improve your morality and your bottom line. You will thus transform it into a more modern and creative environment.