by Zac Ferry

When you are looking to learn things about your body, regular scales cannot tell you everything useful to know. You can get your weight and some modern digital ones might also offer your BMI if you input your height and gender. But as you head to your Crossfit gym and work on making positive changes in your diet and lifestyle how do you see the details? Whether you are losing fat, muscle or just water, your base metabolic rate and more. Your body changes over time, especially as you workout and benefit from expert coaching and training in your local box. You might notice changes, like clothing that is getting tighter or looser or bloating, but to get answers a great option is a full body scan Perth. Here is a look at what that is, how it works, and why you can benefit from it.

Full body scan

A full body scan is something that is actually very simple to go through but is very accurate and gives you a lot of information that can have a big impact on your approach to your health and wellbeing. You stand in the right position in the scanner and hold the handles and in a few moments, it has all the data it needs. No need for body pinching or any other thing you might sometimes feel uncomfortable with at other gyms or with your doctor!

Then you get a detailed report on what your body composition is. It is non-invasive and you do not need to get naked or get into a swimsuit. Just take off your socks and shoes. Using BIA, bio scan impedance tech the machine scans your body using a safe and very mild current through points on the machine that are touching you. It looks at how the tissue reacts and then works out a range of great information like fat tissue and lean body tissue. A full body scan, Perth provides you with a detailed report that is sent to the app on your phone or you can read it on the website.

Analysing across different markers

With a body scan, you can get analysis on things like;

  • Body fat percentage
  • Your weight
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • Base metabolic rate
  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Water weight
  • Lean body mass

Tracking your progress

The great thing about a full body scan in Perth is this is not something you can only do once. Yes, you should do it at the start of your journey to see where you are, but it is also something you do regularly to track your progress. Are you achieving what you want to achieve or do you need to make some adjustments? With the app that comes with it, you help it inform your exercise and fitness choices and your diet choices too.


If you want to know exactly where your body composition is right now, and plan an action that directly addresses that, you need to use a full body scan. It is a great way to learn more about your health and help track things in general or use it to focus on certain aspects of your body composition.

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