by Anna Wrench

You cannot lift heavy materials without a chain hoist. Chain hoists can help you to lift or pull heavy weights and huge materials. You need to install such hoists in your warehouse and construction sites. There are different types of chain hoists available in the market, such as electric chain hoist, hydraulic chain hoist and manual hoist. If you want to lift heavy weights and move your materials from one place to another then you need to use an electric chain hoist. Earlier, it was done manually. Manual shifting and pulling of the heavy loads can take more time and it will lead to serious injuries. Plus, you need to hire some labours for operating your manual chain hoist. You can simply replace your manual hoist with an electric chain hoist, and it will save your cost and reduce your manual effort.

What is an electric chain hoist?

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An electric chain hoist is designed with some chains and wheels, and you can find a hoot at the end of this chain. You can carry heavy load with this chain, and you do not need to shift your materials manually. The connected circuit of this hoist will automatically take the chains towards the load and it will lift the load slowly. Apart from that, such electric chain hoists are designed with suspension system and they have great shock absorbers.

How would you use an electric chain hoist?

  • Electric hoists are automatic chain hoist, you cannot use an electric chain hoist if you are not trained in this field. You need to hire a trained operator for your chain hoist who has the basic knowledge about this electrical system.
  • You need to place this chain hoist in a clear area and remove all the obstacles from your surface. You should keep your hoist near the load or materials that you need to lift, and you must check the load bearing capacity of the hoist before you use.
  • You should use an additional safety strap to keep your load secure. You must distribute the load evenly and you can use the hoist into a swinging motion. You can also choose an electric chain hoist designed with in-built track system and you can move your hoist freely on this track.

Electric chain hoists are mostly used in heavy industries, and you can find such hoist in automobile and construction industries. You can lift a car, heavy vehicle, metal and concrete blocks and heavy wood with this chain hoist.

Benefits of using an electric chain hoist:

  • You can use a crane for lifting your heavy materials. But you need to spend a huge amount to buy a crane and you cannot use such cranes in your restricted spaces. Electric chain hoist is flexible, and you can easily place it anywhere according to your needs.
  • Cranes are difficult to operate and you need to hire an operator for a crane. It is heavy equipment and you cannot use it in your warehouse where you have suspended ceiling. But you can easily use a chain hoist in your warehouse, and you can install a chain hoist on your ceiling.
  • An electric chain hoist can lift up to 5000 tons, and you can use it without any manual effort. You can regulate the speed of a chain hoist according to your needs and keep your workspace safe.

Chain hoists can save your labour cost and it will require less investment. They are eco-friendly and you can use them for your food processing units. So now you can search such chain hoists online and choose the best one according to your needs.

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