by Molly Crowe

If you want to ensure road safety, the first thing you would need is bollards. The bollards are made of different materials. You need to buy the ones that are durable and last longer. You can use bollards at homes and commercial places where you want to set the boundary between you and the neighbor. It also offers ample protection to the buildings from trespassers. When you set up the bollards in the right place, it helps the pedestrians enough space for them to walk. It also defines the limit for the vehicles until where the car owners can park. There are high chances of the vehicle owners to park even in the pedestrian areas. It can be avoided by having the bollards set.

Few of the benefits you can reap by installing the safety bollards include:

1. Manage traffic

Bollards play a critical role in managing the traffic effectively. It helps you divert the traffic, close the roads temporarily or close semi temporarily without having traffic control personnel to redirect the traffic. The bollards do the entire job for you.

2. Traffic safety

The most critical benefit you can reap by using bollards is to let the drivers know about the narrow roads ahead and manage vehicles’ flow in the areas where there is heavy traffic congestion. It also avoids the car from taking the sidewalks and let them follow the traffic rules.

3. Offer security to the building.

The security device that you can have it in the vast building premises is bollards. It will not let the vehicles to hit another car intentionally or unintentionally. The building infrastructure that has risks from the vehicle can improve security by installing the bollards. The bollards are helpful to use in military buildings, government offices, museums, schools, banks, and the buildings that are in the corner.

4. Assure the safety of the pedestrians

A few street corners are always crowded, and few places do not have proper traffic signals, and the crosswalks are unsafe for pedestrians. You can set up the bollard in the areas where there is vast foot traffic and vehicular traffic to assure pedestrians’ safety. It prevents them from getting injured due to the vehicular movements.

5. Avoid the vehicle to go onto the sidewalks.

There is a shortage of parking spaces in the areas where there are massive vehicular movements. People would use even the sidewalks to park their vehicles. When the vehicle tries to get in and get out of the parking space crammed with many cars mount the curb happens. It eventually results in damage to the garden of the buildings.

6. Create a barrier like structure around the heritage monuments

Though you would see bollard for the pathways, they are also used around the monuments in high traffic areas. The bollards are widely used in the monuments to protect visitors and tourists’ treasures to get closer to it. When you have many bollards around the monument, it avoids others from trespassing or climbing into the monument and damaging it.

7. Add aesthetic appeal

The original intention of adding this bollard is to partition the road for pedestrians and vehicle owners. Still, the superior quality bollards would add aesthetic value to the property. There is a wide range of options from which people can choose the one that offers them safety and security without compromising its visual impact.

8. Bike parking

There are many places where bicyclists are encouraged to use bicycles. There are bollards provided for them in the parking areas so that the bicycle owners can lock their vehicles and keep it protected from theft. When you lock it to the bollard, people cannot unlock and take away the bicycle. So, these are the benefits that you can get by installing safety bollards.