by David Romeo

JDM cars mean Japanese domestic cars manufactured in Japan. JDM cars are famous due to many reasons in the whole world. Youngsters like these cars because of racing manufacturing. Japanese cars import to all countries every year, but many JDM cars are banned in the US. There are many reasons to ban JDM cars in the US, including Tariffs, US laws or RHD steering, etc. Even the US government imposed 25 years restriction on imports of some JDM cars. But every year, people are excited to buy new models of JDM cars in the US.

Here we provide information about the banned JDM car models in the US in detail. In the case of some models, they still have a restriction for 25 years. The main reason for banning some models was safety issues and US standards etc. few of the cars were still not available for everyone in Japan. But they boost the standard level of cars in Japan, and these cars have worth to wait for.

We describe the top banned cars in the US in the below section.

Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer Generation:

Mitsubishi Evolution was the great JDM car from japan with excellent functions. But it was banned in the US.. but according to news, generation three will break down the restriction in 2020 in the US. People are anxiously waiting for this supercar. The fifth-generation changes the Lancer with Compact for enhancing the racing capabilities with improving turbocharges to 300hp. In the next six-generation designed to make it cool and batter option. And the six-generation was the last generation of this car with excellent specifications. Due to these special racing functions, it becomes worth waiting.

Nissan Laurel C35:

Nissan is a famous worldwide car due to its excellent functions. But in the US, it is banned. The good thing is that some models cracked the restriction of 25 years in the US. C35 is also behind these cars. The last generation has excellent features, including a double engine; one is a 2.5 L six, and the second is a 2.8 L diesel six. These engines cross 300 horsepower. After a few years, the C35 will be on the list of imports in the US.

1998 Nissan Stagea Autech:

The station wagon comes with great features in the market. The particular function was a 2.5-liter inline-six engine, which has 276 horsepower. After entering Autech, it crosses 310 horsepower, which can cover 60 KM within 5.2 seconds. In Japan, people considered this wagon as a beast .people of the US were always ready to pay for this beast wagon.

Subaru WRX STI:

Subaru included the holy grains list of JDM cars. The cars were not able to importin the US due to low-level productivity. In 1998 the production was of this car was only 424. The reason behind the low productivity level was the massive price rate. Besides its heavy price rate, the car is worth for pay. The best feature was EJ22 flat-four engines, which can produce 280 Horsepower. Also, it can cover 0 to 60 KM in just four seconds. WRX comes with great features but didn’t cross the excellent performance of Subru.

Toyota 4th generation:

Toyota was the most famous JDM car in the market. It competed with Ferrari and BMW in 1994. People got crazy about Toyota’s 1994 JDM car in the worldwide market. Because the car was able to fulfill the racing capabilities and other qualities of top racing cars. The most notable feature was its super engine with excellent speed rate. But Toyota was banned in the US. Because some people spread the myth about Toyota’s safety issues, in reality, the myth was wrong because the steering wheel of the car controls the engine correctly. No other car can compete with the speed of Toyota 1994. Besides, all the great features car is still banned in the US.

Advantages of buying JDM car at Expo:

Most of the people import JDM car, but there is another option. And that is, US people can buy any JDM car in an expo held in New York. There are many benefits of buying a JDM car through an Expo as compare to import.

No importer:

Importer plays as a middle man between buyer and lender and gets a commission from both of them. So the buyer and lender both have to pay extra for the JDM car. The best way to buy a JDM car from Expo. In an Expo, people have to buy a car directly from an exporter of japan. And they don’t need to pay any extra commission to any third person. On the other side, the exporter can directly profit from the buyer by adding the car’s price.


Expo of JDM cars is considered the most significant and most crucial inventory of japan in the world. Six lots of total area contain dozens of Nissan, skyline and Toyota supra, and many others for sale. All the cars ready to import in any country. The best thing is that most importers don’t have any car on their list but add in their list for japan exporters. People can choose one car from hundreds of cars.

Honest dealing:

The importer makes you pay at the front, and they don’t have a car at that time. Because they don’t have money to import the car. After you pay, they booked a car for you. The problem is that maybe you don’t like the car after shipping and there is no chance to get your money back. On the other side, in an expo, you will directly choose the car according to your choice, and there will be no chance of wasting your investment. You will get your dream car.


Japanese car is most famous in the whole world because of using original components in manufacturing. People love these cars due to their unique specifications. But most JDM cars are banned in the US due to some reasons including tariffs or safety issues, etc. People complained about the big engine of JDM cars, but it was just a myth. This article provides complete information about JDM cars and reasons for banning them in the US.