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Top 15 best carpet cleaning hacks 

Carpet cleaning is a must to keep your home look beautiful and clean. Although your carpet requires less maintenance, sooner or later, it becomes dirty so it requires cleaning. Carpet cleaning is a hassle process if you have pets and kids around. It usually involves vacuuming. But after sometimes you realize vacuuming is not enough to keep your carpet clean, there are still pet hairs, particles of dust, and musty odour left. There are 15 cleaning hacks that can be used to keep your carpet clean and also increase the lifespan of your carpet.

  1. Always blot stains, never rub them

Whenever stains occur on your carpet, avoid scrubbing the stain, it will drive the stain deep down into the carpet. Blotting is the best way to absorb the stain, it absorbs stain with a dry absorbent towel such as a terry towel or paper towel. And always try to blot from outside towards inward, it ensures that the stain does not spread.

  1. Use lint roller to remove dust

A vacuum cleaner can not remove all the stubborn particles from the carpet no matter how hard you vacuum. This is the most common issue when you buy a long hair carpet and even the most efficient vacuum cleaner cannot clean the carpet. Use a lint roller, it is highly effective on such problematic areas where vacuuming doesn’t work.

  1. Remove pet hair with a squeegee

Pet hair can be difficult to clean with just a vacuum cleaner. If your pet has long hair lint rollers will also be ineffective on your carpet. Squeeze works well to remove pet long hairs from the carpet and is designed to remove the sticky substance from any surface such as pet hair on the carpet.

  1. Use an iron to remove stains

A dry stain is impossible to remove from the carpet but you can remove it by using hot iron it. Put vinegar and water with a towel on the dry stain and leave it for five minutes. Then place a hot iron on a towel and rub it in a circular motion. As a result, the stain will transfer from the carpet onto the towel.

  1. Remove oily stains from carpet

Oil is a substance that is difficult to remove from the carpet and it cannot be removed from the carpet with hot water and dabbing. Oil requires special treatment and this is where baking soda saves your carpet. Apply baking soda on the oil stain and leave it until it absorbs the stain. After removing it, you would have a lighter stain, which you can remove with a cloth.

  1. Remove pet urine stain

Pet urine on carpet can be dangerous as it gets soaked into the carpet, it could ruin the carpet and give a bad smell. You can save your carpet with awful odours by using baking soda as it is effective at absorbing stains and odours. Apply baking soda on the pet’s urine and let it absorb the urine and odour until it dries. After that blot up the remaining mess and vacuum to remove any excess powder.

  1. Removal of nail polish 

To remove nail polish from fingernails you use alcohol, but you cannot use it on the carpet because it can damage your carpet. The best way to remove nail polish from the carpet is to allow it to dry into the carpet then use a blunt knife to sweep off as much as you can. After that apply to rub alcohol to a cloth and gently dab the nail polish stain until the nail polish dissolves into the cloth.

  1. Use shaving cream to remove dirt and stain

Dirt and dust can come from anywhere, especially if you have kids and pets and skid marks across your carpet can bother you. Don’t worry your household item such as shaving cream can be useful to remove stains and dust from the carpet without damaging it. Apply shaving cream on the stain and leave for two minutes then rub it with a sponge and then wipe it. Another benefit of using shaving cream is that it leaves your carpet soft.

  1. Remove the bad smell of the carpet

After vacuuming your carpet for a very long time, you get surprised that the bad smell still persists. Vacuum can remove dirt and dust but it cannot remove bad smell. The most effective way to remove a bad smell from your carpet is baking soda. Apply baking soda into the entire carpet and leave it for a couple of hours then thoroughly vacuum the carpet. After that, your carpet will fresh up and smell good.

  1. Use vinegar to fluff up your carpet

Foot traffic can flatten the carpet after a while. You can fluff your carpet by using a mixture of vinegar and an equal amount of water in a bottle. Spray the mixture into the affected area and wait for the mixture to dry then take a spoon and run it to loosen the fibres and then it will restore the original texture of the carpet.

  1. Simple hack to remove gum from the carpet

Gum can be easily removed from the carpet by putting ice cubes on it, which will freeze the gum and you can easily slide it off from the carpet.

  1. Keep carpet clean with professional carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaning on your own is important but it is also important to get your carpet clean once a year with professional carpet cleaners. Professional carpet cleaners use the latest techniques to remove dirt and stains and also helps your carpet repel future stains more effectively.

  1. Clean your carpet with homemade deep cleaner

Deep cleaning can be done with a homemade deep cleaning solution that is not harmful to the environment. Mix a bit of hydrogen peroxide, ¼ cup of vinegar, 5-6 drops of essential oil, 2 tbsp of dish soap & fabric softener and 3 litres of hot water in the bucket and blend well. You can use this cleaner whenever you want to clean your carpet deep clean.

  1. Shag carpet needs more attention

Shag carpet is the most popular and gives your bedroom or living room a perfect look but its long and thick fibres can become a growing spot of bacteria and are difficult to clean. So the best way to clean shag carpet by vacuuming with a hose attachment. It will clean deep inside without damaging it.

  1. Protect your carpet from high-traffic

High foot traffic can damage your carpet but you can protect it by putting a rug in that area where it receives high traffic. Whenever you organize a party and want to show off your carpet, you can easily remove the rug and your carpet will shine.

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