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Did you know having healthy baby teeth is the cornerstone for having good dental health in the future?


Therefore it’s essential to protect your baby teeth for your adult to come through properly.


Choose the best services of Dentistry for Children to ensure the best dental care for your children.

5 Reasons For Protecting Baby Teeth


Protecting baby teeth helps your child to have good dental health in the future. It is recommended that even before the very first tooth comes through, you need to begin cleaning your child’s mouth.


Why is it so important to take care of your child’s dental hygiene?


Lays The Foundation For Healthy Adult Teeth


You should protect your child’s baby teeth against decay and other dental issues since they directly affect adult teeth.


When a baby tooth is lost because of cavities and decay, there’s an increased chance of crowding problems with adult teeth. The process of baby teeth falling and the emergence of adult teeth should occur naturally.


Helps In Speech Development


Teeth help in controlling the airflow exiting the mouth for generating different sounds. The process of speech development involves your child learning to create sounds by moving their tongue in various directions against the teeth.


Gives Your Child A Healthy And Beautiful Smile


Who doesn’t want a healthy and beautiful smile? With healthy teeth and gum, your child has a healthy and beautiful smile that looks good and feels good.


Helps In Chewing


One of the most crucial roles of the teeth. Healthy teeth ensure proper chewing of the food and good digestion.


Why Dentistry For Children And Teens Is Important?


You should visit a pediatric dentist with your child as early as possible. This will ensure that your child will grow comfortable and gets habituated to see a dentist for further appointments.


It is recommended not to use dental visits or pediatric dentistry as a threat. This might scare your child not to visit the dentist.


You should visit a pediatric dentist at the age of 2 or after the first baby tooth comes through.


The First Dental Checkup


In the first dental checkup, you need to state your and your child’s medical history. The dentist will perform a visual checkup of the oral health to assess the gums, teeth and chances of decay or any other developmental issue.


The dentist generally doesn’t take an x-ray on the first visit unless there’s an urgent issue or the alignment is examined.


The most important part- the pediatric dentist will answer all your queries related to your child’s oral health and hygiene.


What Will a Pediatric Dentist Discuss?


A paediatric dentist will discuss the following with you during the first dental appointment-


  • Feeding advice for your infant (nutrition for strengthening teeth and avoid sweets)
  • Baby bottle tooth decay
  • Risks and prevention from tooth decay
  • Dental cleaning for your child
  • Bad dental habits (dummy and thumb sucking)
  • Any potential bite issues
  • Teething process (baby teeth coming through)


After the first appointment, it is vital to take your child along to subsequent dental checkups every six months or sooner if necessary.

Cleaning Baby Teeth


  • Before your infant starts teething, you need to wipe their gums to clean away harmful bacteria.
  • It is recommended to brush your child’s teeth twice daily using a wet cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush from when the first tooth appears.
  • Also, it’s essential to start with flossing once two teeth are connecting with each other.
  • Around 18 months of age, it is safe to start using a low fluoride toothpaste since it strengthens tooth enamel.
  • It is recommended to brush your child’s teeth until they’re around 6-7 years old when they can brush themselves. However, it is recommended to supervise them.
  • If your child is willing to brush their teeth before this age. Let them since it develops a healthy habit. However, do a thorough cleaning once they’re finished.


Take care of the young smiles for strong adult teeth and healthy gums.









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