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In simple terms, the conversion rate of an e-commerce website is an important way of understanding the success of the site.

Conversion Rate in details

Conversion rate is defined as the ability of a site to attract visitors on the site and convert them into customers. If a site has high traffic but low conversion rates, the owner must think of investing some time and money in e-commerce website optimization.

Tips for better conversion rates

An essential step in the e-commerce website optimization process is the CRO. There are several ways to do Conversion Rate Optimization. Some of them are even proven with actual facts and data to specifically target customers and make them buy products. Other than that, there are also general techniques that make the site a lot more robust and effective.

Given below are a few factors to keep in mind to achieve the desired outcomes by proper reconsideration and planning on the site.

Easy to Move

Whenever customers enter a site, easy navigation always smoothens their overall user experience. What owners should understand is the customers need to be led to the products.

If the interface is too complicated, buyers will get frustrated and look for options with clearer views of desired products.

Clearer Pictures

Products must always have pictures uploaded along with information. These act as reference points for the customers in reaching a decision about their purchase. If no high-resolution image of the product is available, buyers get deterred to complete the purchase.

Relevant Information

The information or the paragraph associated with the product should not be monotonous. It should have information that can be easily found by search engine optimizations and provide customers a comprehensible idea about the product.

If all the search queries can be effectively handled by the associated texts, then information becomes a great conversion agent valuable for any e-commerce website.

Product videos

A short video outlining the attributes of the product can increase conversion rates significantly. Customers are drawn to the videos and the short informative nature of the same helps them take better decisions as well.

Free shipping

Visitors love it when a site offers them free shipping on their new purchases. Owners of the e-commerce site should try to provide free shipping within a certain area or above a certain price limit.

In this way, buyers are guaranteed that they pay nothing more than the displayed price on the product page.

Shopping Cart visibility is a must

A shopping cart visible always on the corner of the screen is a good way of conversion rate optimization. Visitors tend to return and check on the products they want to purchase from time to time. With easy access to a shopping cart, adding the product and buying it reduces down to a few clicks.

Target Specific Optimization

Knowing the core population of customers on the site improves the conversion rate by manifolds. With the usage of target specific keywords and proper search engine optimization, users can be directed specifically to the products they are searching for.

All the aforementioned methods help owners optimize and improve sales on their sites. Proper implementation of these tips can help e-commerce players create a better site with high conversion rates.