by Darshan Parekh

Do you want to score higher on the PTE test? You may have always dreamt of studying overseas! But, what have you done for your dreams? Have you started taking the online mock test? If not, the time has come to pay serious attention to your preparation!

At Gurully, we believe everyone deserves to obtain the highest marks on the PTE Academic exam. Thus, the Gurully PTE mock tests offer you numerous PTE-A exam plans with distinct features to begin your preparation.

So, let’s get started with the preparation of scored PTE mock test and section-oriented practice test. You will acquire the most coveted score with quick results.

Moreover, Gurully’s PTE practice tests help you target the individual section to diminish your weakness. We prefer to make everything clear and concise with the students. That’s why let’s check out how you can evaluate your Gurully mock test score.

When should you want to perform an evaluation?

After sending a test assessment request, the Gurully platform can arrange a concise performance report for your assessment in the least time – almost immediately. It may sound crazy; still, PTE Academic Aspirants have less time to prepare through mock tests, so we have automated this process to make it faster for you.

What features does Gurully offer?

The PTE Academic exam contains four modules, including speaking, writing, reading, and listening. On your given system, you need to use the headset to listen to your given procedure and a microphone to respond carefully.

Moreover, you may also broaden your competency by enrolling in a free PTE mock test online at your preferred timing. So, Gurully offers:

  • Real test environment
    The PTE practice set and the online PTE mock exam will assist you in understanding the PTE’s pattern. Therefore, you are allowed to gauge your performance before applying for the test.
  • Accurate and Instant result
    Gurully’s PTE AI algorithm will assess your PTE mock test with a much more accurate assessment for free with a proper scorecard. You may also check the sample answers once after appearing for the exam.
  • Detail analytics
    Get accurate and insightful analytics of all the four sections and areas of development for each question wise in terms of your targeted score.
  • AI Expert’s advice
    You can track here your performance rate and get AI advice in terms of the performance of each free PTE mock test. You may also check the weak points to work on them.

The Smart PTE Test Evaluators

There could be various questions that may perturb you: Who will assess these tests? Well, our sophisticated AI algorithms do such evaluation for the students. The Gurully AI system is well-audited for its precision and is 100% reliable. We ensure that each report card that Gurully generates, abides by PTE Academic standards.

What’s the criterion of score giving?

The Gurully practice platform rigorously follows the exact scoring example of the PTE Academic. There will be different standards of scoring. Regardless of the current facts of appropriate and inappropriate credit, incomplete credits are accessible for some essential inquiries.

You need to refer to the Gurully scoring guide for understanding the PTE scores in a better way. On the other hand, the most common question, which is asked by the student: “Why are my Listening and Reading marks on the report card distinct from the one, which is produced by auto-scoring?” A quick and free score report will be produced if you don’t know when the PTE mock tests from the Reading and Listening section can be completed.

Nonetheless, your fast-created reading or listening mark is delivered by inquiries on that particular area. Despite what is generally expected, various inquiries from the random segment are surveyed to give these informative scores. Thus, Gurully mock tests are comparable to the PTE Academic.

The Gurully Score Card

Whenever you complete a mock test, you will get a scorecard. Gurully lets you compare your different tests’ results and evaluate your growth. You will also be able to see the answers to the completed test to improve your knowledge and prepare better for your PTE Exam.

The final word

In a nutshell, at Gurully, you can count on the experience of their experts, who design the PTE mock test with a complete evaluation. Therefore, you can obtain the desired score in the exam.

The online PTE mock test comes with a deeper analysis of your score and detecting your mistakes. The robust scoring algorithm will offer you the suggestion for which type of question you have to improve. Therefore, get yourself ready with the PTE mock test to gain your desired score.