by salena

Nowadays, patients who suffer from hair loss want to take up hair transplantation procedure. This procedure is taken up because it proposes long term results. Not only this, we are very grateful for the advancement that has taken place in this field the past few years, which have contributed a lot in experiencing natural-looking hair. Hair transplant in Vizag is not the only aim at carrying out the surgical procedure, it rather focuses on the effective after-care as well.

  • An improvement over the years

In the early 70s and 80s variegated sections of the hair were called hair plugs. But when hair transplantation procedures were performed on these hair plugs, they did not at all present the natural look, rather the implantation of grafts were quite noticeable. With the extreme amelioration in the field of hair transplantation, once you have successfully undertaken the procedure afterwards not even the barbers or hairstylist would notice that you have done something extreme with your hairs.

  • Dependency of Results

We are not unaware of the fact that the results of hair transplantation particularly depend on so many factors:

  • The surgeon or clinic you select to undergo the procedure is the predominant factor. Because based on the experience of the surgeon and the techniques used by him are quintessentially important to estimate whether the procedure will achieve success or not.
  • The next factor is whether you have followed all the precautionary measures which were issued by the doctor that ought to be followed before the procedure. For instance: If the doctor has instructed you that intake of alcohol is not all suggested before the procedure, but if you have neglected following that then the success rate of the procedure will naturally fall. Because alcohol is believed to lower the flow of blood in the scalp.
  • Who is considered a perfect candidate for this stratagem?

Customarily, the patient who satisfies both the below-mentioned credentials is considered as the perfect candidate for the hair transplantation procedure:

If the patient is having enough hair in the donor area that can be transplanted in the recipient zone.

If the scalp of the patient can make the hair follicles survive.

  • What takes place during the procedure?

A patient is treated under a sedative. Sometimes only the area of the scalp is particularly given anaesthesia and the patient remains awake throughout the procedure. The sedation thoroughly depends on how the patient will react to the procedure.

There are three types of the procedure by which the surgeon can revitalise the scalp by transplanting hair which is as follow:

  • Follicular Unit transplantation
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Bio Follicular Unit Extraction

The choice of procedure entirely depends on the condition of your body and the response of your body to a particular procedure.

Final Thoughts

The dermatologist will prescribe you some medications after the procedure to prevent the occurrence of hair loss and hair thinning after the procedure.