by Steve Wright

Walking into the Pilates exercise studio for the first time can be a daunting experience. Do you want to search for the best Pilates Hawthorn studio? Then you will have to do much research for picking the right studio for you. If you doubt this exercise, then keep on reading this to know more info about it. Unlike some other forms of training, the Pilates will do more on your body. Yes, it focuses on your whole body rather than concentrating on the particular part. The workout promotes strength as well as balanced muscle development.

Know the requirements for the Pilate class

Almost every Pilate studio is offering the best equipment. Hence you do not want to carry out anything while going for the pilates Class. The exception will be a mat. It is because most of the people prefer to work out on their own. The Pilates mats are usually made a little thicker when compared to the standard yoga mat in order to provide the padding and to cushion.

You have to make a consultation with your instructor about what they are recommending to use. You can also carry your water bottle to the class. Though you would not be drinking the water as much during the workout session, you will still have your container available. And you have to make sure that you are well-hydrated before you are starting to practice it.

Remember what to wear

Most of the Pilates studios are casual, and the exception is the norms. It can vary from studio to studio. For this, you have to keep your attire simple, at least for the first time when you are going to the class. You have to consider these things, and they are as follows,

  • Pilates exercises can be done on the barefoot itself. Hence you do not want to wear any fancy footwear. In case if you prefer to wear socks, buy a pair of socks having grip bottoms. It ensures that your feet will not slip on the Pilate equipment.
  • Choose your attire, which is a stretchy one. It is because your instructor must see the alignment of your bones and also how your muscles are engaging.
  • Avoid tie-back tops and belts. You cannot feel comfortable while you are wearing it. Ties, belts, and some other things will get caught on the springs of the equipment and can cause injury. So avoid using such words.
  • You should not wear any accessories or pieces of jewellery. If they caught on the equipment, it could cause injury. Your hair needs to be out of your face, which are you had to tie back if it is so long.

The last thing, you have to go with your fresh-faced. Yes, your makeup can cause stain on the surface of the equipment. You may feel very excited or a little intimidated while planning to go to your first class. By knowing the aspects mentioned above, you will be prepared. If the chosen studio is not to your liking, you have to try another Pilates Hawthorn for your choice.

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