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Most of the people experience fungal infections at least once in their lives. There are some possible causes of these infections such as bad hygiene, humidity and warm climate. There are some usual fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, beard ringworm, oral thrush, and jock itch. These all are caused by fungi which will become resistant to eradicate aggressive forms of infections. Apart from this, many anti-fungal creams are available in market. We can cure these fungal infections by home remedies that has been given in this blog.

Pro-biotics and Yogurt

Yogurt and other pro-biotics contain the good amount of bacteria which help to ward off fungal infections. These fight off microorganisms which cause these infections. Another effective source of pro-biotics are fermented cuisines. You can use pro-biotic supplements which contain more bacteria. Yogurt not only cures fungal infections, but also improves digestion.

Washing with Soap and Water

Before applying any medication or supplements, you should clean the affected area with specific soap and water two times daily. This will surely curb the infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most effective anti-fungal agents. You have to add two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in warm water. You can either drink it up or dab over your skin with the help of cotton ball. This will definitely give productive results. Apple Cider Vinegar has many other health benefits such as weight loos, cholesterol control, and reduced blood pressure.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has normally anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. There are carrier oil such as olive oil and coconut oil. You could mix Tea Tree Oil with coconut oil and apply over the infected area. You must do this task about four times a day in order to get best results. This is one of the best home medicines to cure fungal infections.

Coconut Oil

Another anti-fungal agent is coconut oil if you will use it in unheated form. You could direct dab over your skin. It is considered at safe medicine for your skin. It is also helpful to treat scalp ringworm as it is easy on the skin. In order to eradicate the infections, you must use over your skin for four times a day.


Turmeric is a powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory spice. It is very easy. You need to add some amount of water in turmeric. After that, you can apply on affected area. If you want to get benefits internally, turmeric tea is the best option. Turmeric is very beneficial in home medicines.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can cure any type of skin infection. It treats skin infections at a fast pace. Besides this, it soothes and repair your skin damage. Most of the celebrities use this Aloe Vera for their face care.



Those who eat garlic in their daily diet are less likely to get experienced these fungal infections. IT is one of the best antimicrobial herbs. You have to crush this garlic and add with olive oil. After that, you must apply that paste about thirty minutes.

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil is another active anti-fungal agent. You could take few drops of oregano oil and mix with any carrier oil. After doing this, you have to dab over your skin.