by Daniel Clark

Your shoulder is likely to be one of the most active joints of your body. The reason for this is that it is used in a wide range of actions and emotions. This also makes it more vulnerable to injury. It is one of the most versatile joints of your body that helps you accomplish a wide range of tasks throughout the day. The shoulder joint is not considered as a weight-bearing joint, however, when you lift a heavy object it does put a great deal of stress on the shoulder.

Thus, your shoulder is likely to hurt after heavy lifting, but it can also hurt for many other reasons that are usually hard to detect. In a large number of cases, shoulder pain will not remain for more than a few days, however, if it does it might be a complex issue. This article goes on to provide more information for those looking for shoulder injury treatment.

Common Causes for Shoulder Pain

A wide range of problems can lead to shoulder pain in the shoulder; which can either be mild or chronic. Here are some of the main reasons for this type of pain:

  • Several people suffer from shoulder arthritis. The main reason for this is extensive wear and tear regularly.
  • The condition of ‘Frozen Shoulder’ is when the inner lining of your shoulder is inflamed and tight.
  • A medical condition of “dislocated shoulder” is a kind of pain that requires immediate attention. This is when a ball slides out of the socket. It is usually caused due to a big fall or an accident.
  • A fracture in the shoulder may be due to an accident and is most likely due to the breaking of the ball, socket or scapula.
  • Rotator cuff injury is a type of injury that requires attention too since this encompasses the shoulder ball.

Symptoms to Lookout for

It is quite common to experience dull pain when playing sports that place a great deal of stress on your shoulder. Some of the common sporting activities that can inflame the four tendons that make a rotator cuff and bicep tendons include basketball, shooting, tennis, etc. One of the best methods to deal with dull pain of this kind is a regular exercise which will help strengthen your muscles.

There are many conditions that are a greater cause for worry and might even require consulting an expert. Listed here are several conditions when one should consider seeking assistance:

  • Recurring shoulder pain that might occur on a frequent basis is a good sign that there might be a bigger issue that requires attention.
  • Frequent pain especially at night that shows no sign of improvement is usually a big cause for concern. It is best to consult an expert for this type of problem and undergo proper treatment.

Common Treatments

Some of the common treatments for pain in a shoulder including Acupuncture, Biomechanical treatment, electrotherapy, ergonomics, strengthening exercise, massage, mobilisation and many more.

Physiotherapists are the best choice to treat shoulder pain. They have skills to offer many different kinds of treatments like shoulder pain treatment, lower back stiffness treatment and many more. Here are a few treatments described in more detail:

  • Mobilisation: This is essentially a manual treatment involving passive movements of the skeleton and is highly effective.
  • Acupuncture: This is a widely known technique used by many physiotherapists to manage pain. It helps heal soft tissue injuries. It is a natural pain-relieving technique that helps relieve chemicals called endorphins and activate the body’s natural healing chemicals to help speed up recovery.
  • Neurological: This type of treatment helps improve movement. The main aim of this type of treatment is to improve movement and to fix issues that in most cases arises from the nervous system and results in poor balance and coordination.
  • Posture correction: This type of treatment is very useful in the early stages. The best method of doing this is via exercises that promote the motion of your joints as well as muscles.
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