by Russell Butlere

What could be worse than getting an injury before your final running competition due to improper care during the process of training? The chronic panic can even lead to loss of the legs along with some serious issue of the joints, this is the last thing that any athlete needs right before the competition commences.

If advice is to be believed from the best osteopaths in Melbourne, running injuries are very common among the regular individuals, especially the novice participants. The issue that occurs amongst runners includes plantar fasciitis, splints, runner’s knee and so much more. Such injuries occur from the overuse of body muscles and bones.

Following is a list of aspects that any athlete should consider when moving ahead with their routine in order to avoid any unnecessary injuries and uncomfortableness.

Don’t skip the warm-up

Before running on the field there are things one should do before starting their marathon is to exercise. It helps one in preparing the body to know the extensive pressure that is going to happen with the body during the training.

The joints and muscles should be active and flexible enough in order to avoid the wearing down of the muscles without getting any injury to your body. The easiest form of exercise is to attempt the swinging of legs, for this, stand on one leg and hang onto something or swing freely, repeating the same procedure with the second leg as well.

Go a little slow and then increase the frequency gradually, one can also pair it up with some hip exercise under professional guidance.

Everyday mobility

One can maintain their body and its flexibility by taking care of its dynamism every day and performing some of the other activities to get healthier. There should be a balance between fully exhausting yourself and maintaining mobility, getting on a tight schedule can lead to more injuries of the muscles.

The primary thing one should do to avoid such a situation is by taking ten minutes a day for the sake of your body’s flexibility. Many experts recommend to sit and squat for a whole as this position can open the area that might help you in gaining flexibility and comfort.

Be patient and steady

It is not advised to jump to any given opportunity and run faster. No child learns the art of walking straight coming out of the womb, they develop and strive to maintain the right kind of attitude. One can make their bodies flexible without letting it suffer to the point of exhaustion and injuries- this is why experts advise to opt-out for any sudden intensity every time someone runs a mile.

The right gear

For an athlete or a runner, the right gear puts in a lot of importance- shoes help one in providing the right kind of balance to the body. The criteria for athletes of the athletes should be in-sync with the overlook of the body. One shouldn’t go for the wrong kind of shoes in the first trial, should look out for every kind of aspect to see if it suits in a better way or not.


Due to unfortunate oversight of the health advice, many novice runners end up with endless segments of the injuries due to their carelessness in the beginning. During such times one should take advice from osteopaths of Melbourne in order to prepare yourself for running. One can opt for recommendations and advice from B Enhanced Health and their expert osteopaths from Melbourne.