by Jack

If you know some details when using improvised means, then carpet cleaning at home will be very effective and of high quality:

  • According to the principle of salt, sawdust, tea leaves, bran, starch, semolina, etc. can be used.
  • Sawdust works well not only wet (gasoline with detergent), but also dry.
  • The ground pumice should be the size of coarse salt.
  • Semolina and bran cannot be moistened; they are used only in a dry state.
  • The brew leaves yellow stains.

Before any cleaning, you first need to vacuum first, which will significantly reduce the amount of dirt and dust


In addition to various carpet cleaning ballarat methods, which must be carried out regularly, there are ways to remove different types of stains. If a child smeared plasticine on the carpet, guests spilled wine, and a beloved dog put meat juice, you must act immediately:

  • Fruit stains will be removed with a 1: 1 mixture of laundry soap and apple cider vinegar diluted in 1 liter of water. The product is applied to the dirt, rubbed in gently, and then removed with clean water.
  • Coffee stains can be removed with dishwashing liquid. Fresh stains should be slightly moistened, add a couple of drops of gel, rub and rinse with water. Hydrogen peroxide and even beer copes well with this task.
  • Long-standing coffee traces will help remove glycerin. It is applied to the stain and left overnight, and in the morning it is washed off with a cleaning solution.
  • Greasy stains are qualitatively removed with a mixture of salt and alcohol (1: 4). The product is rubbed several times in the direction of the pile. Not so quickly, but it is possible to remove traces of fat with chalk, talcum powder, tooth powder or starch. Pour the powder onto the stain and let stand for a little over an hour, then vacuum the coating.
  • We use the cold method to remove wax, paraffin, chewing gum, plasticine. We apply the ice in the bag to the problem area in order to bring it to a solid state, and then remove it with a knife or scraper. Sometimes a completely opposite method is adopted – a cloth or napkin is applied to a drop of a substance, along which it is carried out with a hot iron. The disposal item must remain on the tissue.
  • Blood stains are removed only with cold water. Soak it, if it’s dry, soak it, take shaving cream and rub it into the stain. You can take a soda solution, hydrogen peroxide, or ammonia. After a certain period of time, we wash everything off with a sponge.
  • Stains on dark carpets can be easily removed with table salt or lemon juice.
  • The salt works on red wine stains too. The place of cleaning must be quickly filled with wine, but only white, and moistened with cold water. The next step is salt in an unlimited but reasonable amount. We fill the stain with it, leave it and after 15 minutes we vacuum it.
  • To remove stains from a ballpoint pen and felt-tip pens, alcohol or a solution of glycerin and liquid soap is taken.

If stains from drinks, food or any other reason appear on the carpet, they must be removed immediately.


Taking into account all of the above, we can come to the conclusion that a sound and affordable carpet cleaning bradford on their own is possible and necessary.

As a rule, it is enough to shake out the carpet once a week and arrange a wet cleaning every month. If the product is a frequent place for family members to play and rest, then vacuum cleaning 2-3 times a week and wet cleaning 2-3 times a month. Finding a suitable method of cleaning for a certain type of carpet using folk methods is not difficult at all. And if in doubt, you can always use industrial cleaning products or enlist the help of specialists.