by Anna Wrench

Termite infestation can become a big problem if their growth is not controlled. If you observe termites invading your house or commercial complex, it’s always advisable to contact a good termite control company. They have trained professionals who will help get rid of the termites. They can enter our house through small holes, vents, and gaps and seek a harbor in the kitchen or bathroom where they find an apt atmosphere for growth. Termites generally attack and reside in wood and eat it up. In case there are termites in the ground, they can attack the foundation, thus reducing the strength of the structure. The termite control service provider has the right set of tools and termite growth controlling chemicals that curbs down the growth of termite. The following good home maintenance practices along with the use of termite repellents helps keep the termites away.

Most people believe that termites can only impact the appeal of the property, but as a matter of fact, they can also cause health issues. There are around 20 species of termites in Australia. They usually grow in hot and humid conditions and are less prevalent in the cooler parts of the nation. To sustain their growth and create a perfect growing environment, they breed 6-7 meters below the soil level and also create an extensive tunnel network that may reach up to 100 meters.

Easy ways for termite control

To reach their food source, the termites create mud tubes, and these tubes are obscured by wood or building structures. And hence, it becomes important to keep a check on the growth of termite. You can keep a check on the growth of termite by sticking to the following practices:

1. Seal all the leakages

Any kind of leakage from the sewer and faucets can cause the termites to penetrate into the house. Moreover, the termites can easily survive on the decayed roof or moisture-laden walls for long. Make sure that you don’t ignore the same, and seal all the leakages. If there are cracks or holes on the roof, contact the roof repair contractor and fix them. The problems become more troublesome when there is leakage in the basement. Since it is very close to the ground, it becomes easier for the termites to penetrate inside and form colonies. And if you have leaking pipes in your house, it creates a perfect harbor for them. Hence it’s necessary that you pay closer attention to such epicenters that trigger termite growth.

2. Declutter your house

Most people hire termite controllers to keep a check on the growth of termites. Besides, you can also choose some chemicals that will help keep a check on the growth of termites. Maintaining a basic level of cleanliness is paramount. A clean and decluttered house doesn’t invite pests, and hence, keeps the place clean. Keep cardboards, old machines, and newspapers away. An important point to note here is that if there is a pest infestation in one of your rooms, then don’t move out the furniture from that room to other parts of the house, since it will spread the termite infestation to other parts as well.

3. Use Borate on Wood

If you are looking for the best remedy for termite control, then applying borate on wood before applying primer will be helpful. When borate is sprayed on wood, it prevents the termites from nibbling into it. Once you have sprayed it, allow it to dry out completely and then paint it with primer or suitable paints. You can use this spray on window frames, doors, furniture, etc. If properly sprayed, the effect of borate can last up to a decade.

Lastly, if you are not able to control their growth by these measures, you can obviously contact the local termite control service provider. They will help you get rid of them effectively.