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Hot water problems are not uncommon, and they can be annoying if you cannot access the hot water you need. Generally speaking, water heaters are very reliable but do run into problems.  Before you start looking or the root cause behind the problem, it is essential to know what kind of water heater you have. For example, it may be tank-style or tankless or may use gas or electricity to heat the water.  You should be aware of the commonly seen problems faced with water heaters and get a comprehensive view of how to get rid of them.

Common Problems and Solutions

Typically, most homeowners face issues like rusty or smelly water, little or no hot water, leaks, and odd noises. Before making any kind of hot water repairs, the first essential step is to turn off the source of energy supply to the heater, which could be the gas or electricity. Do not forget to turn off the water supply as well before you start any repair work.

Here is a Brief but Comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide on Hot Water Repairs.

  • No hot water- When you find that the water heater is not heating the water enough, it is essential to check the gas control valve in the gas water heater and the thermostats and the heating elements of the electric unit. Sometimes, the water starts out hot but turns cold quickly. Some of the possible causes could be related to the heating elements, temperature setting, or a damaged dip tube.
  • Rusty smell in the water- At times, when you use the water, you find a rusty kind of smell in the water, which may look slightly discoloured. The most plausible reason behind this is a bacteria build-up and corrosion within the water pipes.
  • Strange, mysterious noises- If you hear some mysterious noises in your basement, it is probably the water heater that is making those noises. It is perhaps because the excessive sediment in the bottom of the tank is causing the water to boil and thus create those hissing sounds in the water heater.
  • Leakage around the heater- Any kind of water leakage can be a nuisance, and if you find water leaking from the base of the heater, it is probably because of a faulty plumbing connection.  Or, there may be a leak in the tank itself.

As a homeowner, you should realize that hot water repair is a technical task that is best left to the experts.   At times one may need special tools and equipment as well as skills to do the repairs. One has to check every hot water faucet and fixture, and if you are new to the task, it is highly likely that you may overlook some aspect. Thus, hire a professional for the job, and the costs can vary based on the gravity of the issue. At times, one may have to replace certain parts as they are beyond repair.

The typical hot water repairs cost usually lies between $60 and $90 per hour, based on the location or the kind of issue. Hire licensed professionals to carry out repairs and discuss their flat rate charges by the hour. It is best to get some price quotes in advance and what exactly needs to be done.  Some repairs may cost $200 or more. However, in most cases, the hot water repairs are carried out fairly fast, and the costs are minimal.

There is no reason why you should not enjoy a regular and safe supply of hot water again.  All you need to do is get the water heating system checked once in every few years and have the contact of a professional in case you end up with any hot water repairs.

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