by Melbourne Cooling

A split system air conditioner is an outstanding option for keeping you comfortable in your home, round the year. These units are quieter, energy-efficient and easy to install.  

Split system installation is quite effortless with little or no damage done to the walls. It bearly requires a few screws and pipes to install the system. In case you need help with the installation, you must contact split system installation Melbourne experts. They will provide you with the best of solutions and guide you through the installation process. 

However, a time may come when the unit might cease to function and require repairs. The reasons can be due to age, debris build-up or electrical problem. It is necessary to get your split system checked and cleaned. For this, you might have to uninstall your AC unit from time to time. Regardless of your reasoning, you must know how to uninstall your AC. 

Steps for Uninstallation

  • Disconnect the Indoor unit from Power.

The split system air-con is divided into two parts- an indoor and an outdoor unit. Both these units are interconnected. Thus, before you uninstall the system, you must make sure that the power supply is turned off. It’s best to take care of the wires after unplugging the mains from the connection box. 

  • First, take the inside unit down.

Once you have unplugged the mains, you must unscrew the copper pipe that connects the indoor and outdoor units. In case of dirt and debris, put a bucket under the system to catch the spills.  Remove the wires and pipes attached to it for further ease of handling. 

  • Subsequently, remove the Outside Unit.

Now, on uninstalling the indoor unit, you must move to the outdoor unit. Often, it’s placed higher than the indoor unit. Remove the wire and pipes from the system and unscrew it from the wall. You might have to lift down if it’s resting on the brackets. 

  • Patch the holes, if necessary

After successfully uninstalling the split system air conditioner, you will notice some holes in the wall. If you want to re-install the same unit or replace the existing unit with a new one, there’s no need to patch the holes. However, in the case of no such plans, you can fix the holes on the wall.

Safety First

While dealing with appliances which have electric current or toxic liquids, it’s best to get professional help. Hence, when you plan to uninstall your split system, you must take care of the safety standards. Also, improper uninstallation may affect the system and may cause further damage. 

Therefore, it’s best to let the split system air conditioner services Melbourne team handle it. Professional help will ensure all the safety standards are in place. 

Thus, if you feel unsure, contact expert technicians for your help.