by Russell Butlere

Solar energy is harnessed from the sun with the help of solar panels. These solar panels can convert light from the sun into electricity. The energy of the sunlight consists of photon particles that are absorbed by the panels. These panels consist of solar cells which are protected from the harsh weather conditions to ensure they are most effective.

Solar energy is clean renewable energy. The panels generate electricity using the concept of the Photovoltaic effect. Such panels are ideally placed on the roof of a house and the electricity generated is used as an alternative source of energy to power the house. The way this works is that the excess energy is transferred to the power grid and is useful at night time when it is possible to draw energy from the grid. There is also an alternative to using solar batteries on Sunshine Coast, where the batteries are used to store solar power generated during the day.

Solar panels have many different applications; they can be used as an alternative power source for homes and commercial buildings, to power remote systems, cabins, telecommunication equipment as well as for heating.

Best time for Solar Panel Installation

Spring means the start of warmer weather. It is also a time many of us associate with servicing the air conditioners and get them in good working condition to deal with the harsh summer conditions. Many people tend to associate spring with many things, spring cleaning being one of them. The hot season also means having to deal with large energy bills mainly due to cooling units. This is similar to winter when homeowners have to deal with heating bills.

It is quite common for homeowners to search for alternative measures to deal with large energy bills during scorching summer weather. Summer is a time when all households and businesses draw a lot of power which leads to a big strain on the electrical grid. It also often results in blackouts on the electrical grid. One of the safest and best sources of renewable energy is solar energy.

Solar power provides ample power to power your house and decreases your energy bills. Spring is a time that a large number of homeowners associate with several things. It is thus, also the perfect time to have your solar panels installed well in time to beat the heat and avoid high electricity bills.

Benefits of Solar Panel System

There are many benefits to installing solar panels to produce electricity. It is a method of gaining energy independence and living off the grid. This is the optimal solution for places that are not serviced by electricity including remote homes and cabins. With solar power, there is the option of either using the electrical grid by storing excess power on the grid or using solar batteries. It is easy to come by solar batteries for sale making it easier to implement a solar panel system for your home or business.

Listed here are some of the benefits of using solar power:

  • Solar power works out more economically in the long term besides the initial investment.
  • Solar panels installation makes it possible for one to live off the grid and in remote places where no electricity is available.
  • Solar energy is one of the best renewable sources of energy; it is also a good method of switching to a more environmentally friendly method of generating power.
  • Solar panels are easy to install and since they do not contain any moving parts, it is also easy to install.