by lara buck

The scorching heat of the sun can ruin the fun of a ride. One cannot deny AC is one of the ground-breaking inventions in the field of the automotive industry. Whenever the summertime approaches, air conditioning becomes one of the most vital requirements if you need to go outdoors.

While some people claim their car air conditioning is lagging, they must learn some simple tricks to enjoy optimum cooling from the car air conditioningIn this article, we will discuss how one can get the most cooling from a car. If you do not know the tips, it is time to upgrade your knowledge.

  • Turn Off Auto Start/Stop

Scarcity of cool air can be noticed during hot days of summer. Whenever the car stops at signals, you start feeling the temperature. The trick will help you to save some money by saving a few drops of fuel as it is helpful for the environment as well.

You will notice some new vehicles have got the auto start/stop feature, which seems convenient immediately. But experts advise to turn it off because it will save some fuel. The unique auto start/stop feature will shut down the engine, but it will not shut the car air conditioning compressor.

  • Automatic Climate Control 

A few vehicles have comprised a modern feature called automatic climate control. The feature will take care of the interior environment so that passengers enjoy optimum comfort. Automatic climate control will adjust the temperature so that you do not have to set anything to enjoy optimum cooling. Get rid of the hassle of adjustment; this is a must-have feature for car owners.

  • Clean Air Filter 

Checking the air filter of the car will help to determine whether it is clear or not. A lot of dirt on the filter can make air circulation difficult.  Hence car owners must check the air filter to enjoy the optimum car air conditioning.

  • Control the Temperature and Fan 

To get the most from thecar air conditioning, you must know how the air conditioners work. It is advised to set a low temperature and control the fan to enjoy optimum cooling. The fan adjustments will help to save some fuel so that you can also save some money besides enjoying the comfort. If you set high temperature, it will not help in electricity conservation. You must pay an increased amount for higher power consumption.

  • Don’t Turn On Air Condition When You Are Not Driving 

Some people tend to turn on the air conditioning even before starting a journey. You will notice it works better while on the go. The car air conditioningsystem works differently than household cooling systems so that you can get better cooling.

If it is too hot inside the cabin, open the rear windows. Turning on the air conditioning will not give you the desired cooling when the car is parked. It will be a wise choice not to waste your gas and battery.

  • Avoid Using Recirculate Feature 

Are you using recirculate feature in car air conditioning?If your answer is yes, you need to stop using this feature. The recirculation mode takes the air from the front and circulates across the rear section. Although passengers in the front section will feel comfortable, the passengers in the backside may not like it.


The tips, as mentioned above, can help you enjoy the optimum car air conditioning service. We hope these tips will help you to improve the performance of air conditioners so that you can have a comfortable driving without a doubt.