by Russell Butlere

Bathroom renovations are quite common and it is something that a large number of homeowners tend to do due to some of the other reasons. The reason might be that their bathroom is in dire need of repair or that they require a change of design. One of the other popular reasons is to increase the value of the house prior to sale. Irrespective of the reason for renovating a bathroom it is important to not get bogged down trying to find the right set of tiles, shower, and other accessories for the bathroom.

It is also essential to take some time to plan the overall design and other essential features of the bathroom. Homeowners tend to overlook several factors when designing their bathrooms and also make several mistakes while doing so. This article lists the common mistakes made by homeowners while renovating their bathroom. It is a must-read for those considering bathroom renovations in Frankston.

Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

Not all homeowners would have the experience of dealing with home or bathroom renovators and hence tend to make many mistakes while doing so. It is usually consulting the experts like Beachside Bathroom when renovating.

Listed here are some of the common mistakes made:

  • Homeowners often fail to ask the professional renovators about the details of their business and important factors like the fact that the amount of time they have been providing a service as a bathroom professional.
  • People tend to forget how important it is to request information about the contractor’s previous experiences, information on their professional career and their level of expertise since this can result in a great deal of peace of mind in the future. Besides this, it is important to keep in mind that experience and exceptional reviews are usually more valuable than a good qualification.
  • Bathroom renovations or any building work for that matter cannot be taken up by anyone. A firm requires a special license for the respective state and needs to be registered as well to provide such a service. Failure to check such details can spell trouble in the future. Doing so will also ensure your insurance claims if any go through without a hitch.
  • Homeowners often fail to get all vital information on the bathroom renovations project that they take up when selecting a professional. One of the major detail they fail to consider is how long the renovation project is likely to take.
  • Failing to request the home renovators for references is also one of the many mistakes made by homeowners since this can help them determine the level of expertise and professionalism of the contractors.
  • Bathroom storage is vital however, it often happens that homeowners fail to consider their need for storage space in advance. Storage space is essential for many different items like makeup and beauty products, cleaning products, and other items as well as towels, etc.
  • Slippery floors are risky no matter who is using it; however if there are young children or older people using it, there is a greater need to ensure the floor is slip-proof.
  • One of the factors that a large number of homeowners tend to forget while renovating is the resale value of their homes if they wish to sell. Hence it might seem perfectly ok to have a unique design that is customised to your requirements however, it might not be appealing to all hence can affect the sale of your house if necessary in the future.
  • One of the essential factors of any bathroom renovation is the need for good ventilation. It is ideally best to install an exhaust fan and ensure that there is direct ventilation to the outdoors since otherwise, the bathroom will become very moist and hot.

It is essential to keep a bathroom clean and the design show allows one to clean it in a comfortable manner. Thus, avoid crowding all the features and accessories to ensure they do not hinder when cleaning the process of cleaning the bathroom.