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Once upon a time, there were three fishes. All of them were Best friends. Their names were Lory, Gory, and Dory. They did everything together, they ate together, slept together and even swam together

One fine day just like every day when they were swimming near the shore, they heard two fishermen talking.” There seems to be a lot of fishes on this side of the water, if we sell them in the market, we are sure to get a good deal”. The other fisherman agreed and they both decided to come the other day to catch hold of the fishes. Lory, Gory, and Dory heard this and we’re really scared. What will we do? We are going to get caught and then sold. We will never be able to live together again or swim in the river. Feeling helpless and very sad the three fishes, sat together and thought that was going to be their last time together.

Just then Lory came up with an idea and said.” Why don’t we all go somewhere else, If we start swimming now, by the end of the evening we can reach the other side of the river, where we will be far from the reach of the fishermen and also safe”. Dory instantly agreed and thought it was a great idea but unfortunately Gory does not feel the same.

“How can you even think that this is our home, this is where we have lived our entire lives”. Snarled Gory at them at the thought of leaving behind the place that he had called his home. Dory said “we understand how you are feeling as we too are feeling the same. But if we continue to stay here, then there are no chances of our survival. If we all move out safely we can build ourselves a new home and continue living like this forever”. But gory was still not convinced.

“We don’t have much time gory, don’t be adamant. Let’s go”.

“No, this is my home and I refuse to change it for anything”. Despite many persuasions from his friends’ Gory did not change his mind and did not go along with Lory and Dory.

Just as they knew, the fishermen came the next morning, spread their net and took Gory away as his two other friends on the other side, reached the other side of the lake smoothly and safely.

The moral of the story is that no matter how attached we are or how comfortable in our current surroundings, changes are a constant part of life and should be taken in stride to not just ensure harmony but also bring balance in one’s existence. If Gory has agreed with his friends then he would have been with them right now instead of getting captivated and killed. To move forward with time and to be flexible are the essential ingredients of life that is a must to create the recipe of happiness and joys in your life.

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