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Intellectual property is an intangible property that protects the work or identifies a particular invention. It is often the result of creativity. Intellectual property is one of the significant assets in any organization, and businesses can use it to their advantage.

If you have any intellectual property that may be at risk, you need to hire professional intellectual property lawyers in Sydney. Their level of expertise can help you get out of any situation.

What are intellectual property rights?

Intellectual property refers to the legal rights creators can take to protect their original work or invention, and they might as well use it to protect the appearance of a product. Intellectual property rights may be used in various cases such as scientific development, artistic work, etc.

Intellectual property rights are among the most common types of protection granted to those responsible for inventing. You may contact a trademark lawyer in Sydney to help you with the process.

Types of intellectual property rights

If you are new to the industry, you are highly likely not to know what the laws are. Therefore, you need to get in touch with a professional IP lawyer in Sydney who can help you understand the rights. There are different types of intellectual property rights. These include:


If you ever invent something and intend to prevent it from being created or sold, you need to patent it. This will prevent anyone from copying or using your invention without your permission. As the patent holder, you will have complete rights to buying and selling. Furthermore, you will only be responsible for granting the license.

As a patent owner, you can commercialize the property; however, you must come to mutually agreed terms with the third party.


Design patents are very simple. They may help to protect the design of a particular product. However, a design patent does not offer a functional or structural features license. The intellectual property lawyers in Sydney can help you with the entire process.

Design patents offer a completely different approach to protection. You can use a design patent for any of your products. However, the design patents usually feature a 15-year term, so you need to ensure that you do enough research around it.

Utility patent

Utility patents are confusing for many people, and they think it is the same as a patent. However, there are some basic differences between utility patents and others. Investors most commonly use utility patents to improve the utility of their products.

Whenever an investor or inventor launches a new product in the market, they look for an efficient solution. The utility patent will further help to protect the assets. Whether a new product or an improved product, the utility patent will help to protect.

If the product owner gets a utility patent, they can ban others from making, buying or selling the products. The best part of a utility patent is that it can be applied to products with a design patent. However, unlike a design patent, a utility patent can last for twenty years.


Trademark is one of the most common types of intellectual property rights. If you aren’t familiar with the term, your lawyer can help you. It is advisable to reach out to IP lawyers in Sydney to understand how to trademark a particular property.

The trademark usually is a distinct sign that will help the buyers or consumers understand what they are using. For example, when we see the McDonald’s logo, we know it is McDonald’s. The logo is trademarked, and no one can use it.

A trademark can be a symbol, text or simple photo, and it can also be a color scheme or symbol. It completely depends on the owner what they want to trademark. One of the best benefits of a trademark is that businesses can make either trademark a particular service, entire business or only a particular product. To know more about trademarks, you must reach out to a trademark lawyer in Sydney.

Trade secrets

Trade secrets refer to the secrets of a business. They are stored in the form of strategies or proprietary systems. These are confidential information never meant to be disclosed. It should not be used without authorisation, especially for commercial purposes. This is done to protect the interest of the business to stay ahead of the competitors.


One of the main confusions people have regarding copyright is that it protects ideas. Well, it does not. Copyright will only protect tangible forms of original work and creations, and it can be music, art or even code.

The copyright owner will only have the flexibility to publish or sell the product. They can reproduce literary, dramatic or artistic work as long as it belongs to them. Copyright infringement is a massive crime and can land you in jail.

Intellectual properties are extremely crucial, and they need the maximum amount of protection. You must be carefully familiar with intellectual property rights to avoid any negative impact. Furthermore, you can reach out to professional intellectual property lawyers in Sydney to learn how to protect your personal or professional assets.