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Slate is durable and elegant roofing material. When the roof starts to age, you need slate roof replacement and repair service. It helps you get the benefits of slate roofing for a long time. Unfortunately, many people do not know when to repair and replace the slate roof. It makes them lose many benefits of the slate roof in the long run.

Most homeowners do more inexpensive repairs than the expensive slate replacement. Even though replacing the roof is costly, it does many good things. With most effective process of slate roof maintenance and care, you can enjoy the benefits of the slate for centuries. But, make sure you do repair and replacement often. Various factors affect the expectancy and nature of the slate roof and make it prone to damage.

Slate Roof Replacement

In many cases, homeowners do not know when to replace the slate roof. Their lack of awareness makes them spend more time and money unwantedly. In this blog, you will know about when to replace the roof.

Major things to look for

Slate is more popular for its excellent durability. But, even the top quality slate fails and needs to replace to the extent of its benefits. The experienced roofing expert will tell you how long every type of slate will last.

However, if you do not know the type of slate featured in your home, calculating its age is not a great option. When you leave the handful of failing and loose tiles untreated, it makes you replace the entire roof. It washes out more money from your bankroll.

By examining the roof and noticing certain things, you can easily tell whether the slate roof needs repair or replacement. Here are the vital factors to look at to make the right decision.

  • Check for the active leaks in the living areas and attic because noticing the water damage earlier saves your roof from big troubles. Always look for evidence of the water leaks and other damages to avoid expensive problems.
  • Look for the moisture damage on the rafters and in the attic. Soft, brittle, or failing slate titles will absorb excess moisture and cause rot. When you find evidence of moisture damage in the attic, ensure that the slate is too old to recover. So, you need to replace the slates to give ultimate protection to your space.
  • Always go outside and examine the roof covering the interior areas where you have witnessed the leakage signs. You can use the ladder or binoculars to see the roof. Check whether there is any eroded slate or gutters near the leaks. Visible leaks indicate that a potential problem is in progress. So, instead of repairing the slates, replace them to save time and money.
  • Check the fallen slates for firmness and durability by tapping on them with your knuckles. When you hear the resonant sound, it is in good condition. Upon making the cull sound, you should understand that something is wrong. Metal fasteners attached to the roof tiles are the reason for fallen tiles that are in good condition.

So, visible water leakage, falling and cracked tiles, and missing and eroded tiles are the major signs indicating that the roof needs replacement. Do not take much time to decide on replacing the roof because it increases the adverse effect of the problem.

Ensure you hire a professional slate roof replacement specialist. The expert service provider knows everything about aroof replacement. So, they use the right equipment and tools to replace the roof efficiently. In addition, they recommend you do certain things to keep the slate tiles in good condition. To know more information about slate roof replacement to contact Top tier slate roofing.