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Points that should be kept in mind to avoid smoking waste

Needless to say, cigarette butt waste can be a serious environmental hazard. Now we all know that the smoke that comes from these substances creates grave danger for not just the person who is smoking but also for those around them, but have you ever considered that how destructive can it be for the environment as well? The cigarette butts that are conveniently disposed of on the streets, beaches or absolutely any other place can be highly deteriorating for not just the environment but also affect many levels of the food chain. Let’s have a look at some of the points the application of which can result in the prevention of the environment on a whole.

  • Most of the cigarette filters are typically made of a synthetic component called the cellulose acetate. Just like most plastics this too is nonbiodegradable and does not get composed with the environment. This substance takes at least 10-15 years to neutralize its harmful effects to nature until it is photodegraded but still does not decompose completely. The solution to this is if cigarette makers all around the world start using biodegradable materials like cotton and wool in the filters instead of synthetic substances. A lot of cigarette manufacture around the world have started to use materials like hemp, cotton and food-grade starch that is not just going to dissolve in the environment but also prevent the many hazards and hassles.
  • Product stewardship – this policy means that the cigarette manufactures take complete responsibility for their product from start till the end. This means that the companies would be directly responsible for the disposal of the butt and smoking wastes. The companies need to come up with policies where they are responsible for the disposal of this toxic substance by either creating disposal centers, or providing disposable bags that can be submitted somewhere etc. it will not be wrong to say that all these factors are sure to increase the most of the cigarettes but it can be an extremely effective measure to reduce and cut down on the smoking waste.
  • Filter recycling  – with the objective of keeping the cigarette butts out of the beaches, seashores and other landfills, several programs have been devised to recycle the cigarette filters. These products can be recycled to use them as sealants, adhesives, lubricants etc. this is without a doubt one of the most effective ways of cutting down on the damage caused by smoking waste.

It is high time that as a community, society and more so as responsible citizens each and every person who smokes understands the ways in which they are challenging not just their own health but also of everyone around them. By not smoking in public areas or beaches and by keeping a careful check on certain points one can significantly contribute to not just keeping their surroundings clean but safe as well.

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