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While the technology to which we have exposure has never been huge and vast, the market has never been higher Moreover, there is no lack of channels where you might spend your time. But in the end, it all returns to your audience. So, it becomes important to know where the consumers spend time, are you providing them with what they need and at the right time and what consumers like the most. Every other business has started to realize the importance of Social media. Moreover, social networking has been the perfect way to communicate regularly with customers.  Here are 7 trends in social media that will matter most to advertisers, brands, and businesses in 2020.

Community connection and Experience

There is a need to get back to the basics and stand right back at square one. There is a need that is beyond the provision of the required products and services to the customers. That is the need to know the target audience well and their tastes and preferences. So, the community is the area that requires your first focus. The content that is created for the customers must stand alone amidst the social media noise. This is all about the connection. The consumers require a personal connection with the business and the brands. So, businesses must pose them as a friend rather than a mere service provider. Besides, when it comes to visibility there is nothing more impactful than Social media.

True Influencers

Influencer strategy has not lost its popularity and in fact, it is growing. It has the power to connect and synchronize the overall market strategy. It also helps in establishing the objectives and standards of the product or the service. Through the influencer strategy, the businesses are aiming to make feel the authenticity of the product. Businesses have already started to believe authentic influencers more than the powerful influencers. It is just because the authentic influencers will share their experiences after they use the product or avail the service regularly.


Diversification has become one of the primary trends in social media more specifically on the advertising side. This strategy helps in the reduction in the risk of dependency on Facebook and LinkedIn. Many businesses or their advertising have started using other platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. This also gives them the benefit of low cost and low competition. These platforms give a very promising organic reach among the masses.

Revamping the Social Analytics

The world is going to see the end when it comes to vanity metrics. Consequently, this should make the social analytics tool more useful to business people. The investment over the social media platforms is increasing and as a compelling need, the scrutiny on those investments are also essential. Most of the marketers tend to invest in meaningful metrics that can align with the overall organizational goals. Indeed, marketers are not interested in the creation of their source of truth; machine learning is already there to do it. So, the brand which has the best data will top the industry. So, infrastructure to do this is very essential.

Employee Advocacy

It is important and obvious to realize the fact that employees are very important for the success of the business. A brand can be successful only when they are provided with new and fresh content throughout its journey. For this, empowering the employees is very important. Only when the employee generates the content, the brand trust will enhance. So, all the businesses, who are using social media must take time and think of Employee Advocacy.


It is important to showcase your brand with a lot of creativity. Boring content is always a failure no matter what. Short videos and short animated GIFs are becoming very famous day by day. A business needs to be interesting and interactive.

Story Strategy 

The story strategy has also picked up well this year. Building a story strategy with daily images, small videos, and content is highly valued by the audiences. That social media content that appears only for a little time and then disappears is also gaining ground. Story strategy is becoming the perfect way to obtain all the attention of the consumers. The emojis, videos, and stickers are giving a personal touch to the stories and thereby increasing consumer engagement.