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Are you social medicated yet?

So technically speaking social media is the “interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and many other forms of expression via virtual communities and network” but we don’t really need this definition, do we? It will not be wrong to say that social media has become an inseparable part of human existence and practically every and that by we mean every and not every second person that you see is busy in their own world which majorly consists of them and their social media. Right from what’s for breakfast to which club is the scene for the night, a lot of people are using social media like that assistant that is keeping the world constantly updated on the status of their masters. Jokes apart, even though different people are using these mediums for multiple purposes, there is just no denying the fact that this medium has taken over as the fire in the jungle and has created flames absolutely everywhere.

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Social media and its many benefits
• There is just no denying fact that this tool is a great way to share information, content and a lot of relevant and useful information collectively. One of the most essential communication tools of the present times, social media has made connectivity easy and a person is no more bound to boundaries when it comes to sharing their opinions, visions and even their pictures.
• Any mode that is so popular among people all over the world is clearly a great and effective platform for not just sharing the information that you have, but also to promote business. It is but a fact that in today’s time where smartphones tablets and laptops have become an extended organ of the human body, it is much easier to promote your brand through these mediums. Any kind of publicity is sure to get more attention on social media platforms be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. then on a newspaper ad.
• One of the biggest advantages of social media has been the connectivity that is has provided to people from all parts of the world. If you have the right products and services then your chance of showcasing your strength has increased multiple tike due to your presence on these mediums.
• Clearly, this medium is a great tool to make any person or enterprise visible, once your existence has been noticed by others through the effective use of these mediums, the chance of you growing expanding and prospering are sure to multiply.

Some of the most commonly and let’s say affectionately used social media sites are
• WhatsApp
• WeChat
• Instagram
• Tumblr

This list is endless and can go on, but the fact remains that whether you are a social butterfly and love to flaunt the shades on your wings or someone who is an introvert and is just happy observing the world around you, there is hardly anyone in the present day scenario who is not on any sort of social media apps and not using it for multiple reasons. But by any chance, if you are among those very rare and few who are still new to the magic and wonders of social media, come on! What are you waiting or, log on, an entire world is waiting for you to be explored?