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Top social media trends to follow in 2020

People spend most of their time on social media these days. It is a mode of communication that connects you to the rest of the world. It is a platform that helps people to show their talent. The entertainment videos and memes on social media have taken over the world. So to strategize your marketing, you need to know where people are spending most of their time. Social media is the most suitable medium to communicate with customers. Here are five trends that you should follow in 2020 to advertise your brand more effectively.

Community connections

You need to know the tastes and the preferences of the target audiences to make sure that they connect with your brand. It would be best if you focus on the community. Make sure that the content that you create is unique in the social media noise. Marketing is all about connections, so make sure that you create a personal relationship with a potential customer. You should also ensure that your business must connect as a friend rather than a service provider.

Be true influencers

Social media is all about influencing peoples with attractive content. Many peoples already gained popularity by Influencing the audience. So strategize your business to be an influencer. You can establish the standard of the product and service you provide. The influencing strategy will help you to gain more trust in the people.


Diversifying is now one of the most followed trends for every business. Rather than depending on Facebook or LinkedIn, companies are moving to other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, snap chat, and more. These new platforms are promising to reach a mass audience. It also provides you with benefits like low cost and reduced competition.


Creativity is one of the first things in marketing. To make your brand stand out from others, you need to be creative in what you showcase. The short videos and animated GIFs are trending day by day. You can use these tools to showcase your brand more creatively. On the other hand, the memes are also trending these days. You can use trending memes for advertising your brand more effectively.

Strategize with a story

The strategy of creating a storyline is trending these days. You can quickly build a story by posting daily images and small videos. The story with creative content appears for 24 hours; you can use this tool to engage the customer with short videos or GIFs related to your product. You can also add emojis and stickers to engage the audience more effectively.

Create hashtags

Social media is a platform full of hashtags. The hashtags are generally the short symbol that specifies a particular incident or a fashion. You can use these hashtags for marketing your product. You can create your hashtags to attract audiences more efficiently.

Revamp the analytics

Most of the brands these days are investing in social media. The investment in social media is increasing day by day. So, it is essential to analyze these investments. Most of the brands spend money on meaningful metrics to align the overall goal of the company. It clears that the marketers are not interested in the creation of truth. So, the brand with the best data will attract more audience.

Social media is one of the best platforms to market your products. The robust platform helps in engaging the customers with creative audience content. You can use the platform for marketing your business efficiently. Make sure you study all the trends profoundly and use them effectively for creative marketing.

So, summing up these were some top social media trends that you should follow to attract a potential customer. People who want to know more about digital marketing can visit Blog Hub.