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Getting green and clean energy becomes possible with solar panel installation perth. It is an effective choice for a residential and commercial place worldwide. People wish to use solar panels to reduce overall running costs and environmental pollution. Many home and office owners transform from regular power sources to green energy. A solar system is growing at a fast pace in many countries. When you decide to use solar energy, you can speak with professionals and understand the required things. You should focus on major components and devices involved in the installation.

Solar panel:

Solar panel acts as photovoltaic or solar cell and is the backbone of the solar system. You can come across different types of solar panels available in the market. Professionals prefer monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline is high efficient and expensive than polycrystalline. People choose the panel by considering factors like efficiency, space, warranty, cost, and technology type. Experts offer solar panel installation service at an affordable rate to customers. As a result, you can gain power and light up property efficiently. The solar panel connects to the charge controller.

=> Specialists focus on the different connections of solar panel arrays like parallel and series connections.

=> You can choose an ideal connection that fit the battery bank connection, home appliance, climate and peak sunshine hours, and roof surface space.

=> Experts are well-known for the number of solar panels and charging current for the battery based on load requirement.

Charge controller :

It is the most important device to adjust voltage and current from a solar panel connected to a battery. The role of the charge controller is to avoid overcharging of batteries that lead to damage. Manufacturers pay attention to the environment and climate, and design panel. People may also opt for high rated voltage due to low sunshine, cloud cover and heavy haze.

=> Simple one and two-stage charge controllers come up with shunt and relay resistors to manage voltage in single or two stages.

=> Pulse width modulation three-stage charge controller is ideal for cutting off the battery circuit from the panel when overcharging.

=> Maximum power point tracking controllers optimize and adjust voltage levels from the panel.


The battery is another requirement for solar system installation. People can use it for backup charge storage and access experts who provide information about different types of batteries used in the solar system. It is the best means of handling backup and storage options overnight while direct power is not available.

According to system design, you can choose series, parallel, or series-parallel connection of batteries.

=> A battery can charge via AC supply from the power grid for later use.

=> The battery connects to a controller that manages incoming currency and voltage from the panel.

=> You can perform a backup and storage operation and use power.

UPS or inverter:

An inverter is a great asset that converts DC power supply to AC to operate the different appliances in the home. On the other hand, UPS is a mandatory tool to convert AC to DC and charge battery from AC power supply. You can work with the best expert to know the types of inverter for solar panel installation. Professionals understand your needs and recommend the best device.

=> Centralized or string inverter is less costly and takes time to produce a result.

=> The power optimizer converts DC to AC and attaches to a central inverter.

=> Micro inverter is a good choice for users to perform smooth operations during low sunshine.

So, all the factors should consider and install the perfect system to receive renewable energy and fulfill electricity needs. You can take pleasure from more power in the home and deal with activities. For more information about solar panel installation to contact Arise solar.