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So, there is no secret in the fact that pollution is rising with every passing day, there are climatic changes happening everywhere and there has been a tremendous rise in the scale of natural calamities taking place in many parts of the world. To assume that super power is going to emerge and do something about it, is but a fantasy, its high time that as responsible humans we address the problems in front of us and adopt the right measures that are essential to prevent our environment as much as we can.

– Do not waste water – please remember to turn off the tap when you are brushing your teeth or applying soaps and shampoos. In other words, when you do not need it, turn it off, you will be surprised to know how much water can this simple activity save.

– Walk walk and walk some more – so it a common fact that walking is a great exercise but did you know that by walking more and using fewer vehicles you can make a significant difference in saving the environment.

– Become a multitasker – by traveling long distances for each and every errand, you are not just wasting your own precious time but also disturbing the environment. Learn to make a list and go only when that list looks full and big, it is a great method to just save on time but the environment as well.

– Cycle all the way – again just like walking cycling is a great mode of transport. Not only will this ensure you looking better prettier and oh so charming but also enable you to do your bit for mother nature.

– Avoid wasting food – throwing food in the trash is not just disrespecting the many privileges that you have been given but also unnecessarily exhausting our natural resources. Always take on your plate only as much as you can eat. If you have excess food with, try and donate it so that at last the gifts of mother nature do not get wasted.

– Create a compost pit – this one practice can be done in an open area of your house. Keep a bin where you can collect all your biodegradable waste and let it turn into compost to add to the life and health of your plants and pots.

– Fix leaking pipes – it is very important to fix all the leakage in your property, not only is this important to keep your surroundings safe but also to keep a check on the waste of water and its resources.

– Rainwater harvesting – this is one of the best methods to have been invented to save the environment. Rainwater harvesting can be done by storing rainwater in tanks, buckets, or big spaces and can be used for multi-purposes, significantly helping one to cut down on using water.

– Conservation of energy – electrical waste is one of the biggest factors contributing to creating pollution. By following simple measures like turning off the lights, unplugging your chargers and to control the temperature system in your properties you can make a big difference in the conservation of nature.

Cut down on the usage of paper as much as possible and start asking you banks, communities, and schools to issue most of your paperwork through email and online.

Just celebrating the world environment day is not enough to save nature, there are millions of ways in which each and every person can do their bit and see the difference in the big ways. So, don’t wait anymore and start making a difference today.