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As the leading portal, we invite creative and passionate writers to contribute their knowledge on our portal on regular basis. However, to maintain quality, we do follow certain criteria that helps us to retain readers interest by delivering a positive visiting experience.

Here are certain guidelines that you need to follow before making your first draft:

Type of Articles we are looking for:

We expect high quality content that can impart value to our readers, including contents like:

  1. How-to guides, DIY guides, tutorials that solve problems of our readers (for example: How to Set up a Home Office?, or DIY Car Maintenance Tips For Every Vehicle Owner)
  2. Listicles that streamline information into a list, sharing easy to read information with the readers (examples: Checklist of Client Expectation from a Hair Salon)
  3. To-dos to encourage readers to be more organized and productivity. (e.g. Incredible Places to Visit If You Need Peace and Relaxation)
  4. Why, what, where, which that excite users to learn more about any topic (e.g. Why Cookies Can Be The Best Gift)
  5. Anything out of the box or controversial that shares your opinion (e.g. 3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Is Worth The Investment?)
  6. Lastly, you can share news articles and informative articles.

Writing Style Guidelines

We appreciate if your content follows SEO Guidelines that help us to stay competitive in search engines. Kindly follow best SEO practices listed below while drafting your content:

  • Use H1 as the main article heading
  • Use H2 as for sub-headings
  • Use H3 and H4 for additional headings
  • Integrate bullet points between the headings to make it more readable
  • Use “Sentence Case” or “Title Case” for titles and headings. We reject content with Uppercase titles and headings.

Our Publishing Standards

  • We accept content that is original and human written. Please avoid sharing duplicate, AI, rewritten and spinned content with us.
  • We only publish high quality content that meets our quality standards, and writing guidelines.
  • Content length should be a minimum 1000 words
  • We take care of royalty images from our stock images.

Topics We Don’t Publish

There are few types of articles that we don’t accept:

  • Job posting
  • Adult content
  • Advice columns
  • Gambling and Casino content
  • Financial content
  • Self-promotional articles
  • Press releases

Additional requirements:

We encourage you to put links in the content. However, we do follow certain criteria in link:

  • External links: All links included should be ‘nofollow’ links and must be used for reference. We don’t encourage sending our readers back to random sites. You can include your website link in your Author Bio section.
  • Internal links: We highly appreciate adding one to two internal links of our published articles from the website.

How to Submit?

To submit your well-written content, all you need is to send your content at We generally response in 48 hours.

Also, please note by submitting your guest post, you agree with our privacy policies and terms and conditions.

We look forward to reading your guest post!