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For many around the globe, moving to Australia is their dream. Offering financial security, safety, and a high-quality life are some of the reasons people look at Australia as their number one option to move to for attaining a better life.

If you consider migrating to another country, perhaps looking to improve your quality of life, you will enjoy reading this article. Whether for work or to study in Australia, these reasons will feed your desire to move to the land down under.

Why Australia?

Financial stability. The economy in Australia is remarkable for its constant growth. There are several industries and businesses that continuously expand, providing plenty of career opportunities for skilled migrants and boosting the local economy.

Aussie lifestyle. People in Australia prioritise time to relax and to have fun over work. This healthy lifestyle is clearly seen when you go to the beach or parks, and you see complete families having picnics, gatherings, or their famous barbies. Their reputation as a laid-back lifestyle proves fruitful with their well-balanced use of their time.

Life quality. At the top of the world is where you find Australia on any life quality ranking. This is because their spread-out cities give everyone enough room for a lovely house with a garden instead of concrete jungles. Also, the government emphasises the green areas in every town, which results in excellent air quality and plenty of places for outdoor recreation.

Surfing constitutes one of the leading leisure activities of the Australian lifestyle. 

The warmth. Do you live in a rainy, cold, and damp area? Then the warm summers and mild winters of Australia will completely change your life. Of course, it depends on where in Australia, but you can get really nice and hot summers almost everywhere in Australia. To get an idea, look at the annual report from the Australian Bureau of meteorology. 

Great education. Educational establishments in Australia are known worldwide for their high quality of education. For years, they have remained among the top ten countries for studying globally. Providing a wide variety of universities and institutes, Australia gives plenty of opportunities to migrant students looking for good education. It is also worth noting that their degrees are widely recognised in several countries. These benefits have moved many to do everything they can to study in Australia. 

Multicultural atmosphere. With 30% of Australia’s population being immigrants, it becomes a challenge to find a genuine Australian. However, the large number of immigrants have shaped the people in Australia to be open and welcoming to all cultures, certainly an asset that you as an immigrant would like to see.

Australia is widely known for their high quality of education and multicultural environment.

Coffee lovers. If you are a faithful lover of coffee, then Australia is the country for you. Coffee shops are available everywhere you go, and they offer the finest selection of coffee to meet the demands of so many coffee drinkers in Australia. If you are used to a variety of coffee, then you won’t miss it in Australia.

Fantastic air quality. Australian cities have a smaller number of inhabitants when compared to other countries. Also, people and properties are not condensed, providing better circumstances for less pollution. In addition, extensive parks and green areas are everywhere, contributing to the excellent air quality in the country. Do you have asthma or other breathing problems? Then Australia might be the place for you to start healing.

Flawless healthcare. Australian citizens benefit from a comprehensive healthcare system that covers hospitalisation and medical payments in public hospitals. These benefits are only available for citizens, but if you move to study in Australia and decide to stay, you can eventually become a citizen. Ensure to consult with your migration agent about the steps involved in becoming a citizen.

Safety. While safety is not guaranteed anywhere globally, Australia shows one of the lowest crime rates, making it one of the safest places to live. People also show a community-centred attitude that increases the security of residential areas even more.

Migration System. Because of the so many immigrants, the Australian migration system is incredibly robust, and it allows the country to process more than 200,000 immigrants per year. For instance, during the period of 2019 and 2020, the government issued more than 140,000 skilled and family permanent visas. You can find more statistics on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

Migration for couples. Are you married or living with someone? There is a visa application process for every condition you can imagine. Of course, it is recommended to consult with your migration agent of preference before you apply for a married couple or de facto partner visa.

Citizenship on the outlook. Depending on the immigrant visa you receive, you can apply for Australian citizenship after some time as a permanent resident. Citizenship gives you great benefits such as complete healthcare. And if you plan to have kids, they can be born as Australian citizens right away.

Sports. Australia is for sure a sports haven. Cricket, rugby, and soccer are the leading sports in the country. Surfing is in the people’s blood, and you will be amazed to see even toddlers starting to surf. Also, Australia hosts massive sporting events such as the Australian Open for tennis and the iconic Melbourne Grand Prix of Formula 1.

How can you move to Australia?

Applying for visas is a well-documented process that anyone can take. However, there are so many details involved with the documents that you must submit that it is recommended to leave the visa application process in the hands of a professional migration agent.

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