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Living in an apartment has its upsides, for sure. Aside from lower costs, and less maintenance, it’s easier to deal with various plumbing and other installation issues when they occur. If you’re planning to move to a new apartment, or you’ve recently done that, then it’s essential to be acquainted with all the most common plumbing issues. For that reason, here’s a list of them and the best tips to fix them.

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is one of the most frustrating plumbing issues, especially after a long day when you need a long, relaxing shower. The good news is, this is quite easy to detect, as the water tends to drip rather than pour in streams. Cleaning the aerator with vinegar is the first remedy, but if that doesn’t work, then replacing the showerhead or tap faucet will most likely fix the problem. And if this doesn’t work, then chances are that the issue lies within a breach or leak in pipes that lead to your house. If you keep your faucet clean and use water filters will likely prevent the low water pressure.

Running toilet

When this happens, the worst thing that comes out of this is unnecessary water waste. If your toilet runs all the time, it means that there’s an inner issue that deserves your attention. In case this happens, then it’s likely that the flapper valve is malfunctioning. However, there might be other issues at hand such as float apparatus, a loose-fill tube that might stop the water from flushing properly. Check all the toilet parts regularly to make sure they work correctly.

Clogged bath drains

Clogged bath drains is another plumbing issue that tends to occur commonly. This means that it’s hard for water to go down. Usually, it also happens while you wash your hair, which is why it’s important to be careful when doing so, especially if you live in a place that puts a huge emphasis on water conservation, such as Australia. Therefore, in order to take good care of your drains, it’s important to find a plumber in Sydney that will provide you with the best and most reliable service. Being timely with this type of issue will save you a lot of money and energy in the long run, especially when you consider that clogged bath drains are easily preventable.

Broken water heater

If your water heater is broken, that means you need to deal with the issue immediately, especially if it’s cold outside. The life expectancy of a typical water heater is up to 15 years, but they need to be maintained regularly in order to last. When heaters break, that tends to happen around supply lines. Therefore, it’s important to keep the supply lines turned off and drained as soon as you notice the problem. Rinsing them with cold water is another first-aid solution. Inspect your water heater regularly in order to prevent the issues from happening.

Leaky pipes

Wet spots on the floor or ceiling are the telltale signs of leaky pipes. Once you notice such spots, it means it’s time to fix the problem as soon as possible. If you don’t deal with them straight away, leaky pipes can cause serious damage to your apartment. The easiest way to fix the issue by yourself is to go to the nearest hardware shop and get a joint filter. However, this can fix the issue temporarily. For long-term repair, or in case of a big burst, be sure to call the plumber straight away. Keeping the water at the same temperature during the day and night can significantly minimize the risk of pipes leaking.

These are the common plumbing issues that can happen in one’s apartment. Therefore, if you inspect your pipes, water heater or drains, you’ll be more likely to notice the issues and prevent them on time. Also, finding a professional plumber that you can rely on is crucial, as it removes the stress associated with plumbing issues.