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Looking for fresh new design ideas for bathroom tiles? Whether you’re remodeling your home, or are choosing tiles for a new home, in 2023 you have a wide choice in colours, patterns, shapes, and textures.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles for floors and walls remain popular, and have many advantages over other materials. Not only are ceramic tiles hard-wearing, easy to clean, and eco-friendly, they’re a great investment, because they add to your home’s resale value.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when choosing bathroom tiles.

Bathroom tiles enhance your home: how to choose tiles you love

When choosing bathroom tiles, consider your home’s ambiance and style, and your lifestyle too. What’s most important for you? If you have a high-stress job, and a busy, active family too, consider transforming your bathroom into a spa-like calming oasis.

Designers and decorators suggest that in 2023, general home décor trends, which are echoed in bathroom wall and floor tiles, include:

  • Eco-friendliness, with materials emphasizing nature, and sustainability.
  • Ambiance and mood. People are working from home more. Decorating styles can make them feel happy and productive. Depending on your personality, this may mean dark and bold colours, or softer, gentle tones.
  • Space. Open plan living makes the most of natural light. Your choice in bathroom tiles helps to make your bathrooms feel more spacious too.

Colours, patterns, shapes, and textures: choose your favorites

When looking at bathroom tiles, it’s natural to begin with your favorite colour, but each colour comes in many shades and variations. Perhaps you’re thinking of large tiles, in solid blocks of colour. Alternatively, you may love tiny mosaic tiles, and want to use several colours or shades, to make a pleasing and unique pattern.

Boldly geometric retro styles are popular, as are wallpaper tiles. If a friend has wallpaper tiles in a Delft or willow-pattern blue and white, you may be wondering about alternative patterns.

Let’s look at five major trends in bathroom tiles to give you an overview of what’s available.

1. Stylish wallpaper bathroom tiles: works of art

Want your bathroom to be a work of art? Tiles can be printed with designs which mimic wallpaper. Although wallpaper tiles are often chosen for feature walls in living areas, they can look wonderful in bathrooms too.

Visit your favorite retailer to check their latest stock of wallpaper bathroom tiles.

2. Patterned bathroom tiles: go subtle, or boldly geometric

Not only can you choose graphic bathroom tiles in intricate patterns, they’re available in a range of colours, sizes and prints. A Spanish pattern on your bathroom wall tiles will transport you to the Alhambra palace, or the Taj Mahal.

The century-old art deco period returns with vintage-feel geometric patterns, and the 1980s patterns are popular and trendy too.

Bathroom tiles in bold geometrics in stark white and charcoal are always stylish, but don’t limit yourself — choose colours you love.

In patterns, consider tiles (small or large) laid in a checkerboard pattern, or even a unique 3D pattern.

3. Earth tones take you back to nature

Earth tones are calming. Love the earth tones of natural timbers? Choose bathroom tiles in colours mimicking driftwood, or oak, in pale or darker shades.

The coastal décor trend continues, so blue and green ocean shades are popular in 2023. Not only are these shades calming, they’re the perfect backdrop to cabinetry and fittings in brighter colours.

Although terracotta tiles are traditional, the warm, wonderful shades of terracotta red, brown, and orange suit homes with varying décor. Terracotta shades suit contemporary, as well as heritage home styles.

4. Terrazzo trends: go neutral, or choose your favourite colours

Terrazzo contains chips of various materials. These chips may of stone such as granite or marble, or other materials like glass.

Eco-friendly terrazzo bathroom tiles remain in style, for bathrooms as well as other rooms. Not only do terrazzo tiles look wonderful, they’re sustainable too. You can use them on bathroom floors, and walls as well.

5. Handmade bathroom tiles, for a rustic feel: each tile is unique

If you’re looking for something truly original, or love the rustic, artisan look, you’ll adore handmade bathroom tiles. Since these tiles are made by hand, rather than machine-made, they’re a luxury option. However, consider that these tiles will always be a talking point, and will add to your home’s value.

Handmade Spanish or Moroccan tiles can be made in gentle neutral tones, or in glowing jewel shades of emerald and sapphire, and can be hand painted too.

How to choose? Visit a retailer to see what’s new

If you’re uncertain of the kind of bathroom tiles you want, start with a visit to your favourite retailer, who will be able to advise you and make recommendations.