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Bathrooms are the most comfortable place in your house. Who does not like to use Instagram in the bathtub? There is nothing worse than when water spills or when scented candle wax drips and what if your pet steps on it. Aghh! There is nothing difficult about cleaning the floor with tiles; it’s only a hazard when there are scratches on them and when the color fades. Changing bathroom floors can be very confusing because remodeling a home is a difficult project. Nowadays, hybrid flooring in bathrooms is gaining traction, but most people don’t understand it well. Why would they choose it over thousands of options out there?

Types of hybrid flooring:

1. Engineered hybrid

Engineered hybrid floors provide your washroom with the beauty of solid wood.

2. Laminated hybrid

Laminate floors give the feel of natural hardwoods. It is water-resistant and very much durable, and requires little maintenance.

3. Manufactured hybrid planks

Hybrid planks can be installed over plywood. It is a high quality flooring option with cost effectiveness.

The following blog will explain why hybrid flooring is a great choice for any bathroom:

Hybrid flooring is one of the most popular choices for those who are looking for an affordable solution. However, it is not much cheaper but it is a good investment for once as It has a lot of benefits, including being relatively easy to install.

Hybrid floors are made up of both wood and tile. You can have a rich, polished hardwood look that feels like real timber. This means that you can create the same level of luxury in your home as you see in movies with low maintenance, sustainability, beauty, and longevity. Take a look at these reasons that make hybrid floors the turn-key choice:

1. Luxurious Feel

Hybrid floors became one of the most popular choices for commercial and residential spaces. They’re easy on your eyes, with a sense of understated elegance. It has a decorative layer that is applied to the upper layer to result in terrific colors and wood effect.

2. Inner Stability

There are different choices of layers in hybrid flooring. No matter, you choose WPC or SPC. Both are waterproof, strong, stable as well as resistant to temperature changes.

  • Hybrid SPC is 100% water resilient, ultra-durable, scratch and stain resistant plank flooring.
  • Hybrid WPC is a versatile flooring made up of various materials. Floor will look and feel like wood, but it will not absorb excess moisture or grow mold.

3. Barrier Layer

Cork or rubber is used as the base layer of the underlayment. That makes it an acoustic insulation layer beneath its top layer.

4. Installation

You won’t believe how easily and beautifully you can install a hybrid floor. No need to worry about cutting or fitting the pieces together; there are no nails, screws, or glue required! It is simple like the click and lock system. This system is a dream for the DIY project, which means that you won’t have to deal with any installation-related issues when updating hybrid flooring in bathroom.

5. Longevity

Hybrid floors are thicker and it makes it temperature resilient. It is not just about the beauty of flooring, but also about the comfort you will get when performing activities such as gardening and construction work in your home. It’s a good and one time investment.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Hybrid flooring installation cost a lot less than real wood floors. So, if you need a floor that’s as stylish as natural hardwood at a fraction of the cost, then get hybrid wood flooring.

7. Protective coating

The floor’s upper layer is designed to withstand scratches, which ensures long-term durability without compromising its quality.

Main Idea

When it comes to bathroom floors, you can’t go wrong with hybrid flooring. Hybrid flooring is easy to clean and very affordable. Although the price reflects this, the appearance of these tiles makes it worthwhile. Hybrid flooring in bathroom looks and feels like real hardwood without damaging your bathroom design and décor. Building a dream house or remodeling can be a daunting task. It’s even trickier when you are working with flooring and that’s why you need the right help. We are offering top-notch services to people who want their floors fitted quickly and easily, without any fuss. We don’t say that we are the best service providers out there and choose us, that’s why we care for our clients and give consultancy to them so they can choose the right kind of flooring for their bathrooms.

Moreover, the hybrid flooring, whether it’s cork, laminates, vinyl or other materials that imitate the look and feel of hardwood without the actual wood.  It’s a great choice for protecting your home from slipping hazards (such as excessive water damage) and bending due to foot traffic.  Its overall toughness means it can withstand hot temperatures, humidity and other factors that can damage traditional flooring.