by adrian

. Usually, this is done when trying to sell the home. But it might be due to other reasons, like getting improved insurance rates and several others.

Fortunately, increasing curb appeal is not at all something that is difficult.

Check The Outside Of The Home

Remember that the very first thing that someone sees when looking at your home is the exterior.  According to Alison Duffy, property purchasing specialist at Canberra Property Buyer Solutions, home buyers automatically look at all the small details outside the home. This includes overall exterior appearance, lighting, the front entry area, walkways, and landscaping.

Just look at your home from the distance.

A  can be a world of difference and can easily transform both the interior and the exterior of your home. Choose a colour that is bold so that the house stands out from that of your neighbours’. However, make sure that the colour you choose is appropriate. This is especially necessary when there is a homeowners association you are a part of since there might be some colour restrictions to take into account.

The great thing about painting a home is that the project is very affordable. Paint is quite cheap and you can easily learn how to paint by watching videos on YouTube. Just turn this into a weekend project.

Plant Some Trees

Another really easy way to increase a house’s curb appeal is to plant something in the yard. Trees are often recommended because the project is simple and they can easily add longevity and life to the entire area.

When enough space is available, 2 trees can be planted. Use these as a frame for the house or for the entryway. You will find some beautiful trees at local stores and planting them only takes a few hours.

Add Some Flower Boxes

A very simple way to increase curb appeal and bring some colour to the property, all without making a huge commitment, is to add flowers. You can simply add some flower boxes on your front porch or in your windows. These are very affordable and although you will need to also purchase some soil, maintenance is then simple as you just need to water the plants from time to time.

Clean The Area Around Your Home

This includes hardscape areas, sidewalks, and walkways. They have to be clean at all times or it is practically impossible for the home to look great.

Most homeowners think only about softscaping or landscaping the home. You need to take it one step further and also hardscape areas like walkways and the concrete driveway. Fortunately, you just need to use a pressure washer so you can remove grime and dirt. This instantly improves appearance. At the same time, make sure that all bricks, stepping stones, and/or paver stones are in place.

Light Up The Exterior Of The Home

Adding some new light fixtures will quickly update the home’s look while amplifying curb appeal. Whenever you go to the hardware store to buy some house fixtures, also consider lighting. Make sure that you take into account both style and function when you buy and choose something that can offer adequate light.

Upgrade The Mailbox

Last but not least, having a simple, regular mailbox is not at all appealing. Improve curb appeal by upgrading the mailbox. This is a very simple upgrade that you can do in just a few minutes (up to 2 hours when you install a really large mailbox). Just make sure that you choose something that perfectly matches the design of the property. Also, follow the regulations that have to be respected, based on where you live.