by Bridget

Officially, Perth is one of the sunniest cities in Australia. With deep blue skies for over 130 days a year, without even the glimpse of a cloud, and featuring an average of 9 hours of unbroken sunshine daily, the reputation of Perth as the sunshine city is quite natural. Therefore, there is much demand for water tanks Australia in Perth and the complete region of Western Australia.

Problems with water supply

The yearly high temperature in the city renders it as the perfect location for an authentic outdoors lifestyle which implies indulging in not just water sports but also owning swimming pools in the backyard of homes. The issue is that along with being the sunniest spot in Australia, Perth is also one of the driest, which poses problems with water supply, especially in the sunniest and hottest months of the year.

However, Perth also witnesses heavy rains and tropical storms even during the peak summer season. Despite this, all of Western Australia, including Perth, still continues to be drier, exerting pressure on the supply of water in areas with high demand.

Many households in Perth demand more and more water in order to fill their swimming pools, run their water-hungry appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, and water their gardens. As such, they have to identify modes to top up their supplies of water. This makes the construction of water tanks Australia an effective solution for homes in Perth.

Even though Perth experiences some of the lowest rainfall in the country, it is still a wise decision to install a big underground concrete water tank on one’s property. The reason is that when it actually rains, it is mostly so heavy that a big tank will have the capacity for collecting and holding much water.

When one sets up a concrete tank, that too underground, this ensures access to cool water without the issue of contamination by algae. These benefits, combined with the strength of the tank, make the collection of rainwater an excellent move in case one desires a copious supply of water sans any interruption.

Situation in Perth as regards water tanks

The rapid growth of urban areas like Perth puts lots of strain on water resources. Even though municipalities endeavour to supply water in abundance to residents of Perth, they may face water shortages due to a number of reasons because of factors out of their control. The latter include prolonged draught, extreme heat, water contamination, and a wide range of logistical challenges.

Because of such uncertainties, many persons have invested in water tanks, especially ones made of concrete. Such tanks offer a high level of freedom from instability in water supply, particularly during crisis periods. However, such tanks pose the problem of occupying too much space. So, the best solution is an underground water tank.

Accurately and carefully selected water tanks Perth are able to supply potable and safe water most of the time. When one invests in underground water tanks, they tend to be enormously beneficial. Based on the kind of tank, the utility of the main water supply can be reduced by even a whopping 100%. This proves to be useful in cutting down utility bills, and one can make effective use of water for objectives like watering one’s garden, even when restrictions on municipal water supply are in place.


But one cannot afford the mistake of selecting the wrong tank. It cannot be over stressed that choosing the right tank is critical as it influences the purity of one’s supply of drinking water. One must note the following factors while deciding on the best option for storage of water underground, for either residential or commercial use:

  • Their construction

Always, one must look out for the possibility of contamination of water. Therefore, the underground water tank made of concrete must be built in such a way so as to prevent pollution from impacting the tank. When constructed well, water tanks will prevent contamination by foreign objects. The main objectives behind deciding to purchase a tank include resisting corrosion, screening vents of air, and protecting from rain.

  • Size

A crucial consideration while buying a concrete underground water tank is its size. One must also keep in mind that after installing the tank, it is quite difficult to move it or replace it because of its big size. The best part is that underground water tanks are available in numerous sizes. Some sizes can stock even hundreds of water gallons. Get in touch with professional companies making and selling concrete tanks to zero into the right size of water tanks Perth.

  • Design

The design of the tank is a crucial consideration while opting to buy a concrete water tank. It is critical that the design must match the requirements of the buyer. For example, if one is searching for a water tank to supply potable drinking water, go in for one that suits this objective. In case a tank can store water, it does not imply that it can also store drinking water. Therefore, one must ensure that one is not purchasing a water tank designed for irrigation or any other common use of water. By this, one can ensure the safety of all persons for using drinking water.

In sum, these are some facts about water tanks Australiain Perth. Such water tanks used in Perth serve as a buffer between periods of high-water consumption and low catchment of rain. Most homes in the city are constructed with underground tanks for storing water which has multiple uses.