by Steve Wright

You might have come across the term commercial solar systems or commercial solar panels. Commercial solar panels are nothing but the system which has a life span of 15-20 years. If you want to increase its performance, you have to provide a little maintenance and additional care. The commercial solar panels are great in generating enough power during the day and store the energy. The energy can be used at night time. How are these commercial solar panels working? What are the unique features of the commercial solar panels? What are the application areas of commercial solar panels? To find out the answer to this question, continue to read the manuscript.

Commercial solar panels

The commercial solar panels are nothing but the array of multiple photovoltaic solar panels, which is capable of converting the solar energy from the sun into electrical energy. The photovoltaic solar panels consist of solar cells made from silicon, which is constructed with a positive layer and negative layers. These positive and negative layers are the main reason for the generation of electricity. Whenever these two layers are in contact with each other, electricity is produced.

Multiple solar cells are combined to form a single panel and the multiple panels are combined to form an array of the commercial solar system. Whenever the commercial solar panels are employed in a large number of arrays, it will result in the production of more electricity. The solar commercial solar systems can be installed at the rooftop of the buildings and generate the energy that is needed for the building. It is the source of clean and renewable energy and requires low maintenance and additional care. It is also free from carbon emission, which has become a global concern.

Working principle of commercial solar panel

The commercial solar system is collecting clean and renewable energy from sunlight and converts solar energy into electricity. The generated electricity can be provided to power for electrical loads. The solar panels comprise several individual solar cells. These solar cells are made up of phosphorus and boron, which are arranged on a grid-like pattern.

The power which is generated by these solar cells will be sent to an inverter. In the inverter, it converts the DC power that is generated in the solar panels will be converted into the AC power which is similar to the energy that is sent via a utility grid. Generally, the commercial solar panels will have the range from 2.5kw to 250kw. So it will meet the requirements of any commercial application.

Features of commercial solar panels

The following are the unique features that can be seen in any commercial solar system. The commercial solar panels can be installed on the terrace or open space in the commercial building. This is because; it requires a large area to place the array of solar panels to generate electricity. These solar panels are sturdy in nature and require less maintenance. They are having a lifespan of 15 to 20 years and the post-installation of electricity generation is free.

Applications of commercial solar panels

The commercial solar panels can be used to power the industries and buildings that are locating in off-grid or remote locations. It can be used for preheating ventilation air and can be used as the water heaters in the buildings. You need not find any charging battery for the panels, as it is charged from sunlight.