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If you’re seeking a unique place to party, then this article will help you though. Yes, it has the list of best dance club in Hobart that allows you to party all night. Dance clubs are really a great place to chill with friends and spend alone time with your favorite person. Thus, you can visit these highly-rated dance clubs instead of going to random clubs in Hobart. Flashing lights, rock n roll DJ music, and colorful stages boost the mood and let you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. On the other hand, know the specific rules and dress code of that particular club for a smooth experience. Now, it’s time to take a glance at the nightclubs in Hobart.

Insomnia Fridays

People can visit Insomnia Fridays in Hobart to enjoy the vibrant nightlife. You’ll get top-notch services and exceptional experience on special nights. You can visit as a group along with your friends and families to enter the world of pure excitement. Their DJs are masters at crafting various tunes and playing different genres. It’s more than a nightclub, in this place, you can dance, socialize, and enjoy chats in Private VIP rooms.


Address: 11 Franklin Wharf, Hobart, TAS, Australia

Website: Not available. You can contact through the official Facebook page

Opening Hours: Friday – 9 pm to 4 am, Saturday to Thursday – closed


They allow for dancing and serve happy hour drinks. Plus, they conduct occasional events on specific days.


It is the best dance club in Hobart and occasional events are apt to enjoy dance all over the nights. – Robby

Pablos Cocktails And Dreams

Check out the best dance club in Hobart, Pablos Cocktails and Dreams. You can enjoy jazz music with excellent cocktails, and wheelchair accessibility is also available. It is a great place to enjoy soul-soothing music by top-notch musicians. Besides the various services and benefits, the atmosphere makes every visitor stay throughout the entire program and love Jazz music. The hidden bar in the laneway offers you great drinks, and chilled music with an atmosphere.


Address: 101-103 Harrington St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: + 61 409 230 801


Opening Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday – closed, Monday – 5 to 11 pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – 5 pm to 1 am, Sunday – 5 to 11.30 pm


Outside foods are allowed and outdoor seating is available. Bar facilities to enjoy more drinks and cocktails. Plus, you can dance to the live music.


The right day to enjoy is Saturdays and Sundays. Best choice for Jazz. Mesmerized by the singer’s voice and enjoyed dancing throughout the event. – Andria

The Grand Poobah Bar, Hobart

The Grand Poobah bar is an outstanding place to enjoy the night. Spacious venue with two main areas that are exclusively for conducting events and a bar hall is also available. There are smoking and non-smoking areas, such diverse spots make this place more comfortable for every visitor. The talented singers and DJs rocking music make people knock their heads and jump onto the ceilings. In addition, the Grand Poobah Bar is the best dance club in Hobart to hang out with friends on Saturdays.


Address: 142 Liverpool St, Hobart, TAS, Australia



Opening Hours: Sunday to Wednesday – closed, Thursday – 8 pm to 1 am, Friday and Saturday – 10 pm to 5 am


They serve cocktails and live music is available. Bands, dance, comedy, cabaret, lounge bar, private functions, and art gallery.


Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and a good mixture of talent, music, and house from all over. However, some items are a little pricey. – Harry

Twisted Lime, Bar Hobart

Twisted Lime is a hidden bar and the party vibe attracts crowds from various age groups. You get a chance to play arcade games while enjoying tasty drinks. The staff at this place makes people more relaxed and gives pleasant vibes to you. This place satisfies the exact desire of the users and improves the overall mood during precious nights. It is a good place for friends’ night outs and creating memorable moments.


Address: 1/112 Liverpool t, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia

Phone: + 61 423 240 590

Opening Hours: Sunday – closed, Monday – 6 pm to 12 am, Tuesday – 6 pm to 1 am, Wednesday and Thursday – 6 pm to 2 am, Friday and Saturday – 6 pm to 4 am


Has live music, can play many games, and enjoy new events. For more details, follow their official Facebook page and know the latest updates.


Twisted Lime is the best dance club in Hobart, where I would like to spend all my weekends and weekday evenings. I had more fun times and enjoyed the newly created arcade machine filled with many games. – Isabel

Final Thoughts

 For sure, you get an idea of the

best dance club in Hobart. The presented list is according to the reviews and ratings, so visiting them would be safe. Instead of visiting the nightclubs as a single, accompany your friends or partners and rock the dancing stages. Exploring new things enhances the overall mood and makes you feel relaxed and happy. So, try it once to unlock the new version of you. Also Read: Best Dance Clubs in Adelaide

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