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Looking for the blasting dance club with friends and family for more fun? Then, time to grab this article for finding the perfect dance club in Melbourne cbd for immense excitement. The different shows and extreme talents enlighten your mood in each moment. Moreover, it remains the best choice to spend time with loved ones in an exciting way. For a better idea, choose any of the highly-rated dance shows below for a worry-free and better experience. Try to know their rules and offerings for exploring everything to an extent. Now, your turn to witness all the things about the top-notch shows listed below for making the better decision.

The Night Cat

Enjoy the vibrant dark red lighting with light music and make everyone perform a hardcore dance. The Night Cat is one of the top-notch dance club in Melbourne cbd, which gives live jazz, funk, and DJ for everyone. Other than this, it is well-known for its circular stage that makes you the center of attraction. Even the vintage point’s favorite acts are presented to impress audiences of all age groups. Once visiting here never stops anyone from coming back again and again.


Venue:  141, Johnson St, Fitzroy, Melbourne 3065

Phone: 03 9417 0090

Website: Not Available. You try connecting them on social media.

Opening Hours: starts from Monday to Friday on 5 pm to 11pm

Saturday & Sunday – 12 pm to 11pm


They allow dancing shows, parties, DJ lights along with beverages. 


‘Staff were nice, the sound system was high quality, the DJ managed things perfectly, and perfect for good entertainment with friends and family’– Jade Chandra Bogner.

Sub Club

Sub club is the basement dance club avails under a laneway, which indicates the meaning of its name. Moreover, the club is designed from an old ANZ bank vault that makes you experience a perfect vibe. You can experience blasting sound from the music system and that never lets you place the legs on the floor. People used to mention it as a safe place for everyone and make everyone feel extremely comfortable.


Venue: Flinders Court, Melbourne 3000

Phone: 03 8614 5723

Website: Not Available. You try connecting them on social media.

Opening Hours: Friday & Saturday– 10 pm to 7am


They allow dancing in stages with loads of bass, techno and electro-transmitting 10000 watts sound system. In addition, cocktails and other things were offered here.


‘Places that ensure safety and entertainment for all age groups people. The sound system was beyond expectation and made everyone feel like a paradise’ – Harry

New Guernica

New Guernica is twelve years old and the best dance club in Melbourne cbd with new features. It had a balcony above the dance floor along with world-class music and lighting systems. In addition, it had a well-known disco ball from the original destination with a stunning outlook. Get ready for all the stunning Thursday nights with perfect special drinks. Many events are organized based on special events with different shows in it.


Venue: 64 Smith St, Melbourne 3066

Phone: 03 9650 4494

Website: Not Available. You try connecting them on social media.

Opening Hours: There is no special mention of the opening hours.


On Thursday, special drinks are offered with a stunning dance floor, and weekends come with different shows.


‘Right destiny to enjoy world-class luxury in both the music and floor. Also, the pleasant environment makes everyone dwell into happiness and excitement’ Jerry.

Brown Alley

Similar to its name, the brown alley is one of the best dance club in Melbourne cbd with three levels of features. The weekend entertainment of the club includes techno, R&B, electro, indie and breaks. In addition, the downstairs room looks like a super club, and the upstairs looks like a long room for dancing. It also had a rectangular DJ on the other hand with a beautiful dark side. Even it holds an open rooftop area that is specially for smoking.


Venue: Colonial Hotel, 585 Lonsdale St, Melbourne 3000

Phone: 03 9670 8599

Website: Not Available. You try connecting them on social media.

Opening Hours: Friday & Saturday 10 pm to 4am


At all the weekends, the hardcore dance, and DJs avails in the dark area. Undoubtedly, drinks are offered, and the atmosphere ensures much party vibes.


‘For incredible excitement and to explore different surroundings, it remains an ideal choice. The staff are friendly, exciting music, lightning dance floors and mesmerizing DJ performances are there’ – James

Winding Up!

Hence, you are given the top-notch list of the best dance clubs that make you enjoy immense pleasure like paradise. Try every one of them each weekend to party hard with your friends and family members. The dancing floors and lightning DJ are sure to create much excitement and vibrant weekends. So, start exploring each one of them to have a magnificent day. Also Read: Best Dance Clubs in cairns

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