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Are you someone who loves to hike and explore new places? If yes, then the scenic hiking trails of Denver are waiting for you. Located near the foothills of the Ricky Mountains, Denver is a beautiful place to spend your vacations with your friends and family. This place has so much to offer in terms of beautiful landmarks and, of course, hiking trails. These trails extend up to the Colorado Front Range, and the views are simply fantastic and jaw-dropping. The diversity of the hiking trails will leave you in awe, and the stunning beauty of the region will make you never want to leave that place. Here are some of the best hiking places in Denver, which you must explore if you can yourself a true hiker. 

1- Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Located in downtown Boulder, the Chautauqua Park has dozens of hiking trails. These are considered the best trails in Colorado’s Front Range city limits by most hikers. By hiking around in any one of the many trails here, you can enjoy the views of the flat iron formations that make this park famous. After that, you can have lunch or coffee at one of the restaurants in downtown Boulder. Another beautiful hiking spot near Denver is the alcove hidden behind the first and second flat irons. The Royal Arch Trail had a major restoration done in 2013 after the floods, and it takes the hikers under the giant granite arches that rise above the trail. Enchanted Mesa loop isn’t too difficult, and it takes you to the pine forest for a wider view. However, if you want a more challenging hike to get a 360-degree view of the rocks and snow-capped mountains of the west, the top of Green Mountain is surely for you.

2- Scenic Castlewood Canyon State Park Near Franktown 

Around 45 minutes away from Franktown, Castlewood Canyon State Park offers a short, calm trail of fewer than two miles. However, you can blend loops to extend the distance of the trail. This landscape has a big snake population, and you must keep an eye out for rattlesnakes, the most venomous snakes in Colorado when hiking here. Don’t miss finding Canyon Wrens and Bluebirds when you are in this region. Enjoying the cherry creek breeze along with the views of the dam ruins will make your day a memorable one. So if you want the closest and easiest trail from the city, Castlewood Canyon is the place to go. However, there are some changes that you may have to pay for your vehicle to enter the park. Also, Denver limo service providers can guide you better about it if you get services from them. 

3- Red Rock Park 

Red Rock Park is located just 25 minutes away from the town of Morrison and offers a variety of hikes. But this depends upon your fitness level and whether you’re traveling with your kids or not. The Red Rocks Trail is short, sweet, and easy and includes a 1.4-mile loop. But it’s gorgeous because it takes you past the layers of red rocks. If you need something more intense, try the 6-mile Red Rock trail. It also forms a loop and offers stunning views. If you want to enjoy a concert, there is the option to visit the amphitheater as well. The scenery is amazing and will make you fall in love with it. 

4- Waterton Canyon Trail, Waterton 

Waterton Canyon is a conventional Denver hike that follows a 6.2-mile lengthy trail full of sandy patches to Strontia Springs Dam. You can easily find the picnic region and plenty of wildlife along this path. The exceptional factor at Waterton Canyon is that it has full-size parking to facilitate the hikers. Denver water makes its way to the reservoir via this track, making it a huge dust path ideal for hikers and mountain bikers. However, it is commonly known to be a quiet place, mainly for picnics in the afternoon on weekdays.

5- Storm Pass & Estes Cone Trail 

At the brink of Rocky Mountain National Park is the 7.5-mile Storm Pass Trail to the Estes Cone Trail Loop. This path leads to the Jap fringe of the superb Estes cone inside the park. The cone seems like the crater of a volcano; however, it’s the result of the herbal erosion process. The severe hike starts at Lake Lily, from where you’ll move the Continental Divide. On the way, you can view lofty highlights, including Longs Peak, Mount Meeker, and the Twin Sisters. When you complete the Storm Pass Trail, you may see the Este cone Trail sign. This isn’t always virtually a hike for novices or individuals who are not feeling well. This is because the ultimate part of this hike calls for several efforts to attain the summit. But if you are looking for several of Colorado’s lovely herbal landscapes, this is the place to go.  

The hiking spots mentioned above are some of the most popular ones in Denver like aurora and castle rock. The view is simply breathtaking, and you will surely have an amazing and memorable experience hiking on these trails. 

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