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Here, getting updates on the best Nepalese restaurant in Sydney helps you out.

Surely, everyone wants to plan to go for dinner or to excellent restaurants when it’s a special moment. If you are getting ready to make family time magnificent, then this guidance perfectly suits you. To make your occasion more excellent and reminiscent, prefer a place from the given prime lists.

Are you a person who likes to explore chic recipes at top-category restaurants? Then you reach the right place. You must want to visit these places and taste their delicious varieties of foods to make you ecstasy.

You may now be in the craving state, so don’t delay let’s start to explore top-notch dishes.

Everest Mo:Mo Australia

To taste distinct varieties of vegetarian and non-vegetarian MoMo the best Nepalese restaurant in Sydney is the place for you. Their creative culture and serving method to customers makes you feel comfortable and something great. Recipes with magical taste behind, you can find out Nepalese herbal spices and generation of experience. They strive to offer uncompromising quality service and you can feel their passion at their MoMo without fail.


Steam Mo:Mo:, JholMo:Mo:, Fried Mo:Mo:, ChaatMo:Mo:, Fried ChaatMo:Mo:, Fried JholMo:Mo:, Kure KureMo:Mo:, SukutiMo:Mo:, SadhekoSukuti with Mo:Mo:, Chips Chilly with Mo:Mo:, Chow Mo:Mo:, Chat-Pat Mo:Mo:, C-Mo:Mo:, SadhekoMo:Mo:, KotheyMo:Mo:, ChaoilaMo:Mo:, JhanekoMo:Mo:, KIDS :Meal.


Shop 6/151-155 Hawkesbury Rd,

Westmead NSW 2145.

PH: +61278066479


An ultimate choice for a good meal and dozens of varieties on the menu – Viktoria

Falcha Nepali Restaurant

This eatery was run by several teen Nepali entrepreneurs, and you can review their place by visiting the Nepalese restaurant near me option. Whether you are going as a single person or with family or friends FALCHA was a cozy environment for you. They take pride in offering delicate, moderate, and spicily hot recipes with a different combo of uniqueness. You have an online booking option on their business website, so one place will wait for you.


Mo:Mo in Steam, Jhol, C-Momo, and Fried varieties.

Chowmein, Fried rice, Thukpa, Taas Set, Choila Set, Goat Bhuttan Set, JhanekoSekuwa Set, Khana Set, soft drinks.


Shop 1/165 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220, 0455 493 942.

7-9 Wilmot St, Sydney NSW 2000, 0431 837 922.


I’m delighted to go again and taste their authentic – Emma

Mirchi, Indian & Nepali Cuisine

All varieties of Nepalese meals you get from very affordable prices with high quality. Traditional blends you can feel at each bite of a specific food, and they are popular for their friendly customer service.


Large Meal, Chow Mein Chicken, Medium Meal, Momo, Chicken Biryani.


Blue St FC 13, 36 Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney NSW 2060


They gave each recipe as complimentary and perfect service.

Saino Nepali Cuisine

It was a Nepali cuisine base food restaurant and they serve the most prominent dishes with a blend of tradition. Their menu covers a wide assortment of delightful recipes from chicken, vegetables, lamb, and sea items. To experience Nepali culture and the history of each food while eating at this place was recommended.


Vegetable Kofta, HariyaliKofta, Alu Gobi, MalaiKofta, Paneer Chilli, Tofu Saag, DalMakhani, Chicken Curry, Chicken Chilli, Saag Chicken, Chicken Karahi, Lamb Masala, Lamb Korma, SainoTandoori Special, Butter Shrimp, King Prawn Chilli, Butter Shrimps, Kana Ranskalaiset.


67 Rawson St, Auburn NSW 2144.

PH: +358 451277929.


I never thought Nepalese food was so good. Now, this place owns my heart, so i will suggest others too to visit this place. –

Momos Hub Nepalese Restaurant

The goal of their business was focused on providing all sorts of Nepalese-delicious food with a warm welcome. They trust their intention of great service will be sure to make guests feel comfortable and joyous. To taste foods made with fresh ingredients each time with Himalayan herbs prefer this from Nepalese restaurant near me. The strategy of often introducing and serving new dishes they believe will bring more and more clients.


KotheyMomo, Chowmin, SandhekoMomo, JholMomo, Chicken Sausages, Samosa Chat, AlooBodi Tama, BhedaKoMasu, Daal Fried, Eggplant and potatoes curry, GundrukBhatmas, KhasiKoMasu, PalakPaneer, Prawn Curry, Rajma.


636 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.



Here they serve both Nepalese and Indian style food with high quality – Anand Gupta

Himalayan Chargrill Nepalese Cuisine

To taste food with innovative cuisine from different regions of Himalaya’s style with a blend of genuine Chargrill is the best Nepalese restaurant in Sydney. A range of curries, dumplings, momos, and crunchy chicken wings are famous recipes in this place.


DaalBhaat, Goat Curry, Chicken Chili, Mixed Grill, Tandoori Shrimp, Vegetable Momos, Chicken Momos, Korma, Saag.


41 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037


I appreciate their quality and service that was absolutely I loved.

The Everest Kitchen

This is the perfect restaurant for families, and in this one place, you can explore wholesome cuisines from the Himalayan region. Takes pride in offering great hospitality, service, and an amazing range of foods. They heartily welcome their customer to enjoy the best Nepalese restaurant in Sydney handmade meals and types of delightful beverages.


Pakora, SamosaChaat, Everest Chicken Wings, Assorted Platter, Mulligatawny, Tandoori chicken Caesar salad, Aalo Gobi, Bhindi Masala, Paneer Butter Curry, SaagPaneer, Original Curry, Mango Curry, Vindaloo, Momos, Himalayan Thukpa, Lamb Boti Kabob, Sekuwa.


17171 Bothell Way NE, Suite #A-016

Lake Forest Park, WA 98155.



No lie, we went to this every time and did breakfast. They offering food is so good and atmosphere is chill – Gomez

Third Eye Rooftop Restaurant

Apart from serving whole types of foods, they host many events and functions as well. So you can book their service via Nepalese restaurant near me lists and enjoy your day. Live concerts, dance parties, birthday parties, charity dinner functions, meet & greet programs, and wedding receptions are welcoming.


Choila, Bhutan, Sekuwa, BhatmasSandeko, Momo’s, Chowmein’s, Thukpa, Chilli special items, Curry varieties, Nepali traditional thali recipes, fried rice, Naan, dessert, bara.


370 Princes Highway, Banksia NSW 2217, 0403260383.


I will say this is the best place ever I visit because you can choose your own music and set the mood – Jemris

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