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Embrace your precious time with the best nightclubs in Newcastle. It is one of the best places to enjoy with stunning beaches, street art, and more extraordinary places. It is not only great for designer hotels and cool café, also perfect for fabulous parties and nightlife! When the sun goes down, this city glistens with various lights, which offer crackin’ time to celebrate.

This diverse city is best known for its nightlife, and it is the second oldest city in Australia. Whether you might be a new visitor or else, you love to enjoy a great night out in Newcastle’s affordable clubs. Do you want to enjoy your relaxing time with friendly people? Newcastle clubs are the right place to visit, and you can get a wow experience. To help you out, here are listed outstanding clubs with rocking music, a good meal, and dance time to feel wow.

The Best Nightclubs In Newcastle City    

Yep! Choosing a nightclub in Newcastle always makes you confuse to find the amazing hotspots to enjoy yourselves. That’s why here are the lists to discover the classiest nightclubs in Newcastle.

Wests City

Hey you! Are you an avid party lover who wants to have a great night at the best club? Here is the Wests City nightclub to spend your quality time. It is your one-stop venue for great food and entertainment, which includes

  • brand-new sports bar
  • The Kingstown Bar

It is a home of sports in Newcastle where you can enjoy with biggest and best events in Town. If you are a food-craving person at parties, Wests features 32 Degrees South and Fire & Stone Pizzeria. This club has a bar with big screens, sports broadcasting, TAB, and Keno facilities.

Location: Union St & King Street, Newcastle, West NSW

Mobile no: 02 4926 6200



Opening Hours: Mon – Sun: 10am – 3am


The food service at the bistro was great, and their staffs were friendly and amazing. I really have a good time with this club and look forward to visiting again. We had a special dinner and the most pleasing party with a positive experience. Thank you!

Newcastle Club

Are you interested to chill out in a unique club? Newcastle brings you immense happiness through its beautiful places and perfect party organizing. Parties created with tasty liquor, which draws a huge audience. You can get reasonably priced drinks, and it also has the finest party atmosphere.

You might get a luxurious party feels with the perfect meal for dinner in this club. There you spend time with excellent accommodations, fantastic staff, and lovely views of the harbor. So, just have a party with old-fashioned service, great wines, and delicious food. The historic architecture and views over the city are well worth, which offered to visit often.

Location: 40, Newcomen Street, Newcastle, NSW 2300

Phone: 61 2 4929 1224

Fax: 61 2 4929 6302



I had a good time with my friends and we visit there often to get happy with the excellent accommodation. I can’t say words to explain how their service and atmosphere with a superb staff. The club is beautiful and has gorgeous furnishing, which I want to visit again.

Uptowns Bar

Uptown is a nostalgic, small bar where you can celebrate everything from the 90s and 00s. They have a sneaker collection, a basketball collection, and a fantabulous music selection from those eras. Every party goers can live happily there with Dj’s most nights and a perfect selection of wonder cocktails.

Moreover, they offer old-school Nintendo, Sega, and Sony gaming consoles. They can play at any time and offer a mini-court, which you reserve for the crew. The vibe of the cocktail party will be mesmerizing with the most flavoursome menus.

  • Their special events:
  • NBA Jam tournaments.
  • Live music shows.
  • Sneaker swaps.
  • Mario Kart 64 tournaments.
  • Mortal Kombat tournaments.
  • Street Fighter tournaments.

Location: 6/23 Watt St, Newcastle, NSW 2300

Mobile no: 0421 795 227



Opening hours: Wed – Thur: 7 pm Til Late, Fri – Sun: 5 pm Til 2 am


Nice place, I had a good vibe, and fun with my girlfriend. This club is totally aimed at 80’s, and 90’s babies and gives exceptional friendly customer service for all!

Jams Karaoke & Bar

Get a wow feel by spending time with Jam’s; it is a safe space to get bond over drinks. Also, you can get soul food and the best music, and they provide an authentic karaoke experience. You will wonder after visiting this stunning public bar, kitchen, beer garden, and fully serviced karaoke rooms.

Additionally, they support for

  • live music,
  • throw epic functions
  • host unforgettable events

This night club stocked with s

  • seasonal cocktails,
  • whisky,
  • sake,
  • gin
  • Late-night street food.

Location: 8 Union St, Newcastle West, NSW, Australia 2302

Mobile no: +61 2 4048 0088


Working hours: Weds, Thurs 7 pm – Late, Fri 5 pm-2 am, Sat 3 pm – 2 AM

(Other days by appointment only)


I visited this most lovable and memorable venue, which is the right place to have a worthy experience. I have a newly meet Tokyo vibe and best night.

The Koutetsu

Enjoy your time with friends and family by visiting The Koutetsu’s great range of cocktails party. This is absolutely an awesome spot where you can get a great vibe with drinks. They provide outstanding customer service and a unique bar in Newcastle City.

They have organized fantastic cocktails, and you might feel warm, comfortable, and intimate. A dark, antique atmosphere it has and that no glary advertising, and no neon signs. It is a great selection for a drink with an enthusiastic cocktail party feel.

Location: 555 Hunter St, Newcastle, West NSW 2302, Australia

Mobile no: 61 431 760 025



Opening hours: Wed-Sat: 6 pm-2 am, Sun-Tues-Closed


It is one of the cozy, funky bars with lovely staff, and I get the finest table service for a wide variety of cocktails.

The Bottom Lines

Enjoy your night times with a luxurious entertainment venue, dance floor, impressive light shows, and live stage music parties. Therefore, get unforgettable moments and fun chatter with your loved ones in Newcastle’s nightclubs.

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