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Relax and heal your pain by reaching the right thai massage Townsville. It is one of the best ideas to feel bliss, which gives many health benefits. Like, it improves circulation, and range of motion, and helps to reduce stress.

Are you looking for therapy to relieve tension? Which might be the perfect option than Thai massage? It is a recommended solution for chronic pain or sports injuries. That’s why various massage therapy centers running in the cities to treat people with expert practitioners.

Particularly, traditional and deep tissue massage is worth it for all ages. They improve your energy and are most suitable for your conditions. So, get an experience with friendly massage resorts. Here are the top lists for you to feel better relaxing time. Go for it.

Happy Hands Thai Massage 

Do you want to have a unique experience with thai massage in townsville? Definitely, Happy Hands Thai massage is a suitable option to get more energy than before with expert practitioners. They have well-trained and skilled technique practitioners who help to soothe your body well.

You will feel unbelievable price value and get nice care with their service. Once you visit there with your partner, you both feel pleasant because of their signature couple massage techniques.

Address: Sooning St, Nelly Bay, QLD 4819, Australia

Contact No: 61 427 833 568

Working hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Review: I feel happy to join “Happy hands thai massage”. I had a good experience which is professional and approachable. Great massage, thank you!

The City’s Thai Massage 

If you are feeling joint pains and stress, visit this massage center to get rid of all those problems. They provide a service for a sports massage and chiropractic adjustments, which you can enjoy most.

Therapists are highly professional and very friendly to the customers. Especially, their magic hands will cure back pain, and they are one of the great quality service providers. Every customer will get 100% satisfaction with this best thai massage in Townsville. Book your flexible time to have a terrific time with “The City’s Thai Massage”.

Address: 95 Denham St, Townsville, Queensland, 4810, AU

Contact no: 61 416 794 953

Working hours: Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm.

Sunday: closed

Review: A good massage I had from you relieved muscle pain, and my whole mindset changed. I think your therapists have magic in their hands that’s why I had a beautiful experience.

Naud Thai Massage 

When you have aches and pains and want to relax oil massage, Naud Thai massage is the better choice. You feel great in the inviting hall and very clean& modern place. They provide the services that you need exactly from them. Give this thai massage Townsville place a try, you won’t disappoint, and they give the finest remedy for aches and pains. Exceptional massage service you definitely get from Naud thai massage.

Address: 279C Charters Towers Road, Mysterton, Townsville, Queensland 4812, Australia

Contact no: 61 434 103 533

Working hours: Monday-Friday- 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Reviews: One of the best massages I had this year, it was very relaxing. And I love the way you treated me, highly recommend job you did. You are the right place to feel better, and I get rid of my joint cracks with your hands. Love you, Naud.

Tukta Thai Massage

Experience Tukta’s convenient massage for your neck and shoulder pain, which makes you suffer for a long time. They are the best at back massage and embrace an authentic relaxing massage for all your body pain. You can make sure delightful feeling after their skilled massage touch. Their serious practitioner with firm and healing hands gives pleasant surprise.

Services they provide:

  1. Massage Therapy
  2. Traditional Thai massage
  3. Thai oil massage

Address: Shop 13, Metway Mall (in the arcade), 390 Flinders St,  Townsville QLD 4810,  Australia.

Contact no: 0478 816 897

Working hours: Monday-Friday: 9 am-5 pm,

Sunday: 8.30 am-1 pm,

Saturday: Closed

Review: Your practitioner girl gave me quality and professional massage therapy. I enjoyed it a lot because my pain goes away quickly with her massage techniques. Absolutely, fantastic service everyone gets like me. Thank you.

Combined Therapies- Emmett Technique 

No matter what unique body pain or problem you feel, Emmett Technique is the only place to get relief. You can visit there if you have muscle or joint issues. They have the solution for all injuries and joint pains with their stretching skills. Just recover your body pain from these experienced therapists. You assuredly had a wonder experience with this thai massage Townsville for nerve tissue damage issues.

Address: 5/34 Primrose St, Belgian Gardens QLD 4810, Australia

Contact no: 61 427 372 698

Working hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30 am- 5 pm,

Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Review: Great place, and excellent service I had from your therapists. Mesmerizing service and I visit there whenever I handle stress. You gave gentle therapy that I never had anywhere. Before vacating, I go there once again.

Pranpriya’s Thai Massage

Do you suffer from muscular discomfort? You are in the right place where you can get relief from muscular problems, or a sports injury. Whether you had upper or lower body injury, reach them. Additionally, you can get Headaches, neck aches, muscle stiffness, Elbow pain, and lower back problems. They are unique thai massage Townsville, must visit at least once.


  1. Traditional Thai Massage
  2. Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage
  3. Thai Herbal Massage
  4. Remedial and Sports Massage

Address: 202 Charles Street Townsville, QLD 4814, Australia

Contact no: 61 467 963 701


Working Hours: Monday- Tuesday: 9 am -5 pm.

Wednesday: Closed.

Thursday- Saturday: 9 am -5 pm.

Sunday: Closed

Review: You are my favorite massage place in Townsville, and we had a good time with you. My husband said goodbye to his muscle pain after your therapy.

Wrap Up

Spend a great time with healing hands and aromatic oils to recover from various problems. Above listed places will soothe your mind, nurture your spirit and boost you. Book your appointment with reliable therapists.

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