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Festivals are just like glue in our life which keeps us adhere to the relationships and rituals to our society. When we are together with our friends and family members, it creates a sense of Unity. Unity is the most powerful weapon to fight with the hurdles of life. Festivals bring the most joyful time and happy moments to us.

We, humans are God’s creations. God will also be happy seeing us celebrating festivals together with smiles on our faces, no matter the cast, colour, poor or rich. Though we stay separately and work separately, we wish everyone by meeting them or we wish virtually on social media to our family members or company colleagues.

A person who believes in God, also believes in celebrating festivals, unity and importance of relationship in our life.

Following are the reasons why it is important to celebrate festivals:

  1. You can create harmony with nature

Festivals have the ability to connect the whole world with the nature and culture. Festivals make us realize the religious importance and patriotic importance, too. In this era of nuclear families, festivals bring us all together at least for some days. It does not matter how different we are in position, colour, caste and money.

We all are aware that we cannot live without the nature. The world is impossible without humans and natural parts. When all the parts of nature associate with each other for a good cause and people welfare, then it creates the harmony with society. We need to behave in a good rhythm with nature and we need to acclimatize with the all the parts of the nature. Festivals can give us opportunity to pray God, nature and be in a harmony with the nature. By celebrating festivals, we can protect the nature from unnatural practices.

Thus, by celebrating festivals, we can connect with God and nature more deeply.

  1. Festivals favours faith

Festivals spread brotherhood between us and nurture faith in ourselves. We feel more connected with God and that will make us more positive towards life situations. Festivals give us a chance to think about each other and country.

  1. Festivals can speed up the economic development

People can buy more stuffs during festival days. People will buy new clothes and accessories. One of the reasons for this is that they get discount on the items during festivals. Government and private employees get festival bonuses, gifts and holidays. People increase bank transactions during festivals.

Like this, festivals are important in many ways. They are like glues that can make us connected with each other and nature.