by Brain wilson

Books are the most valuable assets for readers, but book shops have been neglecting books for so long. Whenever you go to buy a cosmetic product, the packaging is always superb, and it seems like brand has invested a fortune in creating their pretty cool product boxes. Unfortunately, things are opposite with the books, when you go to any book store to buy some books, you always get an old carton or sometimes brown paper bag to hold the books. This is very sad that we are living in a world where industries and businesses have evolved so much, and they have understood the importance of packaging for their products; the book stores are standing at the same place where they were decades back.

It is also true that readers won’t buy a book because of its pretty packaging, book is a valuable thing without any need for any additional packaging, but the book shops should realize that they are brands and how they are selling their products is going to affect the customers. There are many book stores that have now started customizing their book boxes to build the credibility of their brand in the market. This article is about the importance of custom boxes for books and how they can help the book shops increase sales and enhance the overall customers’ experience.

Enhance Customers Experience 

The more value you would add to your products, the better would be the experience of customers with your company. When you pack your books in an adorable book box, your customers would definitely appreciate and next time; whenever they have to buy a book, they would prefer to buy it from you. So, it is really the best way for book shops to enhance the value of their brand in the market. There is no just one type of boxes that stores can use; book boxes can be customized in different ways using different materials and adding various designs; it is completely up to the choice of clients how they want to customize them? If you are a local store, customized corrugated boxes would be the best fit for you, although high-end shops can use rigid packaging for the packaging of books.

Increase in Sales 

There are many ways you can increase your sales by using smart book packaging. To grab the attention of maximum customers, you have to build the authority of your brand in the market. The more satisfied are the customers with your services, the more they would like to buy from you. Books are all the same everywhere, anything that can distinguish a shop from another is their customer services and how they represent their products.

Custom boxes can really help a store build its worth in the market. You can print your contact information and online website address on the box, so the next time if someone has to buy books and they can contact you from the website and get their books to order at home.

Appeal More Customers 

It is quite obvious that beautiful things appeal to more people, and if you are offering good quality books, it would make you grab the attention of maximum customers. While designing the boxes for books, you should make sure that the design is compatible with the customer’s interests and genres of books. For example, the boxes for comic books should be different from science fiction; it would be better if all genres of books have their own custom boxes, so all customers will get the boxes based on the books they are buying.

Keep Books Safe

One of the primary purposes of boxes is to keep your books safe from all sorts of damages. Most people don’t have a library or a bookshelf at their home, so it gets difficult for them to save their books in a secure place. Offering boxes for books solve the problem of customers, and they can easily store their books at these boxes. While making the boxes, you must ask your packaging company to create waterproof material in creating the boxes, so in case there is liquid split on the boxes, it would not cause much harm to your book.


Book shops have to be more focused on customers’ experience and provide them with quality book boxes. Doing this would not just help stores make some loyal customers, but it also promotes the brand of the book shop. Of course, customers would prefer buying from you if you are going out of your way to add some value to the customer’s life.