by pamela

So you want to quit smoking and are curious about how vaping can help? Smoking can be a stubborn addiction that might be difficult to overcome.

Smokers try various Vape Juice with Nicotine and patches to nicotine gums but ultimately fail to quit.

How e-cigarettes can help?

  • It’s probably a good idea to use E Cigarette Starter Kit as a gradual way to wean yourself off nicotine.
  • Research on e-cigarettes has some promise, but there are pitfalls. According to a survey, 19% of participants who quit smoking using e-cigarettes quit smoking a year later. On the other hand, 9% of participants who used nicotine replacement therapy such as patches and chewing gum quit smoking. However, there is a possibility of 80% of e-cigarette smokers to again smoke after a year later.
  • E-cigarettes are more addictive than traditional cigarettes. In another study, e-cigarette smokers and double smokers (that is, those who smoke both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes) were more dependent on nicotine than traditional cigarette smokers.
  • The convenience of e-cigarettes, which are often allowed indoors, can make it difficult for smokers to resist. Various e-cigarette flavours may also be popular, especially among teens. E-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals, but are not exactly “healthy”.
  • E-cigarettes appeal to the idea that harm reduction, or if addicts can’t stop it altogether, should reduce harm reduction. However, e-cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals such as diacetyl and vitamin E acetate that can damage the lungs and heavy metals such as lead. Vapors from e-cigarettes are similar to indirect smoking from traditional cigarettes in that they can also harm bystanders, including pregnant women.
  • While some people say e-cigarettes can help to save from the risk of burns and the burning of chemicals in traditional cigarettes but it is worth trying.
  •  These include warnings of lung disease and injury, indirect smoking, device explosions, dangers to pregnant women, and marketing to teenagers. In fact, the US Surgeon General describes the popularity of e-cigarettes among young people as “fashionable.”

Vaping is an issue, but e-cigarettes may be worth trying if other methods fail.

Overcoming nicotine addiction is certainly not easy, but in the end, you can use a variety of tools such as treatment and nicotine supplementation.

Try Vape Starter Kit from a reputed store if you are a beginner. It’s important to take proper recommendations and other essential information before trying any new vaping device and electric cigarette.

Hope you found the blog useful for your e- cigarette use. It’s never late to try so, better late than ever before.

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