by Dr. Aarohi Vachhrajani

Treatment is the most important part in the rehabilitation process for the child with Fragile X syndrome. Once the diagnosis is done one has to start the treatment as soon as possible before the symptoms get worse. Treatment Of Fragile X syndrome can be planned  by the team of specialist doctors.

  • In the team includes :
  1. Pediatrician
  2. Child Psychologist
  3. Pediatric Physiotherapist
  4. Occupational Therapist
  5. Speech Therapist
  6. Behavior Therapist
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  • All these can work as a team and helps the child and parents to manage the symptoms of this syndrome.
  • Though this is not completely cured , it can be managed by team work.
  • Parents cooperation is the most important part in planning and giving the treatment.


Benefits Of Starting Treatment At Proper Time:

  • They are following :
  1. The symptoms can’t get worse over time.
  2. The behavioural issues can be resolved.
  3. The learning disabilities can get treated at a proper time.
  4. The child can learn how to live the normal life.
  5. It’s also helpful for parents to manage the child at a certain age if he/she can be diagnosed with fragile X syndrome.
  6. If the therapy can start at a proper age then it’s beneficial for a child to cope up with such disabilities.




Plan Of Treatment 

  • As mentioned above, the treatment plan can be made by a team of experts.
  • The duration and time can be divided according to the severity of symptoms and age of the child.
  • The experts can decide which therapy or medications are useful for betterment relaxation.
  • The treatment can be divided into four parts.
  • They are following :
  1. Medications 



  • Medications can be decided by the child psychiatrist or psychologist.
  • They prescribed medications according to the age and symptoms.
  • Generally the medications can help for relaxation of the brain and to manage the behavioural symptoms.
  • If the symptoms are spread to the muscular level then muscle relaxants are also prescribed by the doctor.
  • It is very important to check the allergy test before starting any medications whether that medicine is suitable for a child or not.
  • The dosage can also be decided according to the body response of the patient.
  • Medications are the first line of treatment.


2. Psychological Therapies


  • Counseling therapy is not the first line of treatment but it can give the best results.
  • The therapies include:

3. Behavioural Therapy 

  • This therapy can help the child to resolve their behaviour issues.
  • The child also learns how to behave in society or with friends or other people.
  • The child also learns how to control their emotions like anger, laugh tantrums etc.
  • Generally the session is around 40 to 50 minutes.
  • Sometimes along with the counseling the therapist can add some playful or group activities so that the child can enjoy the session.
  • The time and number of sessions are decided according to the age and how severe the symptoms are.

4. Parental Counselling 

  • Sometimes due to the child’s condition their parents are also facing mental health issues like depression, anxiety , low mood disorder etc.
  • Counselling therapy helps the parents to overcome their issue.
  • It also helps the parents to accept the child’s condition and to deal with the child.
  • The parents can learn how to calmly handle the child.
  • Sometimes the therapist can arrange group sessions for parents so that the parents can share their problems with each other and get motivated by each other.
  • In this, parental counselling is as important as child counselling.
  • If the parents are happy then they are able to handle their child and their behavioural issues.


5. Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy


  • This is not the first line of treatment but it’s helpful in long term improvement.
  • In the child with fragile x syndrome sometimes the physical health gets affected or even the sensory issues can arise.
  • Physiotherapy or sensory integration therapy can help to resolve these issues.
  • Once the child can get diagnosed with fragile x syndrome the parents have to contact the pediatric therapist and start the treatment as soon as possible.
  • If the child has a learning disability then one has to contact the special educator for further guidance and learning of the child.
  • But if all these can start in the initial stage then the child can learn more better rather then in late age.


6. Art Therapy Or Occupational Therapy 

  • These are other types of therapies.
  • The sessions of these therapies can take once in a week.
  • The art therapy sessions can be taken in groups so that the child can learn with fun.
  • Sometimes group behaviour is therapy sessions also taken with these therapies.
  • In these the child learns the new skills and also learns to share their things, how to behave and react with other children in the group.
  • It’s important for a child’s overall growth.
  • So all these are the treatment part of fragile x syndrome.
  • Though it’s a long term plan, if it’s done calmly and regularly then it’s very much beneficial for both child and parents.
  • And yes do not leave the treatment in between otherwise there is no any positive effect shown in a child’s growth.
  • It’s not the child’s fault if they have Fragile X Syndrome, love them , give proper care to them.
  • Spread Awareness Of Fragile X Syndrome Because Being Very Child Is Precious.