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Once you learn that you are pregnant, keep in mind that many of your lifestyle habits might have to change. Not only will you need to steer clear of certain foods and take it down a notch when it comes to exercise, but you might also have to avoid certain household chores that you’d think are no big deal. While not all things around the house are off the table, here are some tasks that might be better left to other people in the household. Take a look.

See if mopping and vacuuming cause you pain

First of all, it’s important to note that some things you will still be able to do. For example, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming might not pose an issue. However, as you gain weight during pregnancy and the baby puts pressure on the sciatic nerve, you might experience pain due to sciatica. Chores that involve leaning forward at a specific angle can lead to this kind of pain that is oftentimes not felt right away but only later. If you experience back, buttock, and leg pain after trying to mop or vacuum your home, you’ll know that this kind of activity is not for you during the rest of the pregnancy. Look for ways to relieve the pain and give this task to someone else.

Doing laundry might not be for you

Another thing that might not be allowed, especially if your physician said to avoid lifting heavy things, is doing laundry. While it might not seem dangerous, lifting 20 pounds or 9 kilograms of clothes at once can be a big problem as your center of gravity has changed and it can result in back pain. Furthermore, there are many other pregnancy issues that you could encounter when lifting heavy things, such as preterm labor, placenta previa, and high blood pressure. If you have no one around to help, at least don’t carry around the full hamper but divide it into smaller piles.

Relegate bathroom cleaning to someone else

It’s not uncommon for people to clean in order to fight off depression; however, when it comes to your mental health during pregnancy, you will have to look for some other alternatives. Cleaning the bathroom can be detrimental to your baby’s health as it often involves various chemicals that you should not inhale. Steer clear of harsh cleaners and if you simply have to clean to get your fun up, consider opting for some more natural ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar, and lemon juice. You can also look online for products that are safe for pregnant people.

Steer clear of the litter box

If you happen to own a cat that has a litter box inside your home, you want to make sure someone else in the household takes care of cleaning and changing it. This is because cat litter can put you in danger of being infected with the toxoplasmosis parasite, which can be found and transmitted through cat feces. As it can be very harmful to the fetus, make sure you avoid doing this chore. In case there is really no one else who can handle it, remember to put on gloves and thoroughly wash your hands afterward.

Avoid climbing stairs and chairs to hang things up

Something else you might not be thinking about is that chores around the house that involve climbing are more dangerous as your belly gets bigger. The shift in your center of gravity will make you more vulnerable to falls, which is why climbing ladders and steppers in order to hang up freshly washed curtains and standing on chairs while you clean the ceiling fan is a big no-no when pregnant. Have someone else in the household do it or ask a friend to help you out. Even hiring cleaning services is better than losing your balance and hurting yourself and the baby.

Learn how to stay safe

If you’re dead-set on cleaning and doing various chores because it makes you happy and helps you blow off steam, you need to learn how to stay safe. So, in addition to using natural ingredients and putting on gloves, you can also wear a mask that will make breathing easier. Moreover, read every label carefully to see whether certain products are harmful to the baby and learn which products should not be mixed to prevent producing toxic fumes.

If you’re pregnant, you don’t have to be completely still all the time. You can do plenty of things; it’s just vital that you’re aware of the chores that are dangerous and best avoided.